NFU Mutual Direct

Maximillion was approached by Glasgow-based NFU Mutual Direct to design a weekend of challenging indoor and outdoor activities for the senior management team. In terms of rationale, we were briefed to keep the team fully occupied and engaged throughout the whole weekend – a “morning, noon and night” approach – including evening activities, as well as time for personal and team reflection. The key requirement was to bring the group together under a shared agenda and a set of common goals to encourage and develop leadership, communication, collaboration, creative thinking, problem solving and personal influencing skills. In addition, the team wanted to enjoy a fun, shared experience that would allow team members to get to build relationships and play to each other’s strengths.

Event Detail

  • Venue: Macdonald Cardrona Golf & Country Club
  • Format: Facilitated team development with specially designed outdoor challenge activities
  • Guests: 5 participants
  • Duration: Day One – Evening, Day Two – Full Day, Day Three – Half Day


To engage the participants in selected team-based indoor / outdoor challenges and experiences that would:

  • Stimulate personal development through team working, collaboration and positive interaction, and create workplace associations
  • Strengthen relationships in a fun but mentally and physically challenging environment and provide a memorable and rewarding experience to all participants


Pre-event, BELBIN Team Role Types provided an insight into team role preferences, as well as created a common language and reference point during the programme for team members. Individuals received their own personalised report, including Observer Assessments, and we also created team based reports. The content of the Saturday programme centred on practical and engaging experiential challenges which provided ideal learning vehicles for the achievement of the desired outcomes. These experiential exercises & activities had to be interactive, fun and physically challenging and were either selected, or custom designed within the grounds of Cardrona Estate. We ensured that the team was operating close to what they thought were the limitations of their abilities to generate a real team and personal learning experience. The team added content, detail and their own specific knowledge and experience. We also factored in a Team Effectiveness Inventory (TEI) at the end of Day Two to reinforce the developing picture of team strengths & development areas.



“The weekend exceeded my expectations.” “All my objectives were met and I was very satisfied that the key learning outcomes were reached.”  “Mike Tierney (Lead Facilitator) was fantastic.”

Head of NFU Mutual Direct