NHS Medical Practice – GP Trainees

A Glasgow-based course organiser for GP Trainees approached us to put together a facilitated ½ day session to complement their 2-day induction programme. With this group of doctors embarking on their final year of training to becoming fully qualified GPs, and with the challenges presented due to remote working, we set about designing a virtual solution to accelerate the process of their development as an effective and supportive learning cohort.

Event Details

  • Event Date: 27 August 2020
  • Duration: 2.5hrs (1/2 Day Morning)
  • Where: Virtually – via the Zoom platform
  • Format:Facilitated virtual conferencing with host, presentations, interactive group discussions, breakout rooms and digital, app-based activities.

What we Did

We listened carefully to the client’s requirements and designed an event that would integrate with the rest of their planned induction programme.  We learned about the importance of these trainee GPs developing as an effective team able to support and encourage each other through a demanding year of training and assessment.

We focussed our event on accelerating the team development process; especially the earlier stages of forming, storming and norming*.  To achieve this we highlighted the importance of open and transparent communication and developing an appreciation for the benefits of the diversity of background and experience within the team using the Johari Window Model**.

Our event design modelled and led the participants through the team development process by suggesting group norms through our ‘Team Ground Rules’ activity and encouraging openness and appreciation for diversity through our ‘Team Top Trumps’ activity.  This set a firm foundation for successful team working in our ‘Virtual Escape’ challenge.

To maximise the learning we facilitated a process of individual and team reflection.  Rather than use a generic process our client focussed research discovered specific, reflective learning techniques, directly relevant to the Royal College of General Practitioners and we utilised these in the event review.  The output was shared commitment to behaviours and team standards that will enhance how these colleagues support each other as a learning cohort over the next 12 months.

All elements of this event replicate as closely as possible the energy, participation and interaction of a face to face event.  Using the full functionality of the interactive platform, such as video camera, chat, polling, breakout rooms and whiteboards the event fully engaged the participants at all times.

*Tuckman, Bruce W. & Jensen, Mary Ann C. (1977). Stages of Small-Group Development Revisited

** Ingham, J, and Luft H., (1955). “The Johari window, a graphic model of interpersonal awareness”

What They Said

“I had a specific brief of what I wanted to achieve from the event and the Maximillion team had clearly researched this thoroughly and made changes to the event in order to achieve this. Communication was very good, I was well informed prior to the event of what would be happening and was kept updated continually throughout the event.


The guys running the event were friendly and put my team at ease. Feedback on the event from my team was fantastic, it was a very well received event and I have no hesitation in recommending Maximillion for similar events.

Carolyn McGhie, GP Trainee Course Director