Supporting the RB ESMO Senior Team

Maximillion were commissioned to design and facilitate a 3 day development programme – “Managing Change and the Scarcity Mindset” – for the Reckitt Benckiser ESMO (Evidence, Consumer Safety and Medical Oversight) team, comprising an international group of senior managers from across the global business.

Event details:

Date: April 2016
Duration: Three days
Where: The Beaumont Estate, Windsor
Format: Maximillion brings a blend of theory, practice, and experiential learning to support teams going through change. For the purposes of this project this comprised a pre-event online review of how effectively the team worked together, supported by interactive, and experiential activities and workshop sessions during the programme, which were designed to enable team members to confidently support and deliver change
Group size: 30


This 3-day programme, led by Lead Facilitator Barry Watson, was designed to support the ESMO team’s objectives of:

  • Providing a recap of what has been achieved to date on the team’s change journey
  • Identifying key interfaces with the wider business
  • Supporting a scarcity mind-set to become more productive and enable efficiencies
  • Equipping their teams with confidence to manage change

What we did:

For organisations that need to adapt to changing customer needs, and business challenges, delivering effective change becomes a critical skill.

The ESMO team structure operates as a business function with three supporting Pillars, each with its own responsibilities and activities. The ESMO team managers had prior experience of delivering change, and had an understanding of their personality, management styles, and traits.

The 3-day programme provided a diagnostic of the group’s team effectiveness, and involved activities at an individual, business function and departmental level. The key programme elements were:

Pre event
Online Team Effectiveness Inventory Diagnostic (TEI)

Day 1
Developing an understanding of what has been achieved, why change is needed, who will be impacted, when we will deliver.

Day 2
How will we deliver and support change, and how can we become more efficient, and productive

Day 3
Kinetic Connections – a collaborative activity for the whole function to help turn thinking into action

The group was provided with opportunities to participate in a highly engaging programme incorporating a pre-event diagnostic and evaluation tool, input and workshop sessions over the three days, and individual, team and collaborative whole group activities which were designed to stimulate thinking in relation to the factors and characteristics associated with change and business improvement. Through the activities and the allied input and discussion sessions, participants were able to relate how actions and decisions can impact on individual and team effectiveness and performance.

Who took part:

The Evidence, Consumer Safety and Medical Oversight (ESMO) team– a global group of 30 RB senior managers with medical and scientific expertise and responsibilities.

What they said:

“All Maximillion team members were delightful and helpful”

100% of attendees’ expectations were either met or exceeded. For 20% of attendees their expectations were exceeded

85% of attendees were happy or delighted with the practical exercises. 40% of attendees were delighted

 “I have had lots of positive feedback from the team”

R&D Category Group Director