Skills Development Scotland

Maximillion won a competitive tender from Skills Development Scotland to design and deliver a two-phased programme of stakeholder engagement and team development events which would provide a platform for more effective engagement with, and contribution from, their Glasgow, Inverclyde & Renfrewshire Regional Learning Group (RLG) members. With the objective of meeting a number of key outcomes and deliverables, the programme was designed to be interactive. Phase one of the programme – Footsteps to the Future incorporating cartoon creative visioning techniques – took place in December 2008.

This was followed by a phase two full day Stakeholder Engagement event. Entitled Right – Let’s Go!! it was designed around Open Space principles for 70 pax at the Beardmore Conference Centre in February 2009. Follow this link to the Phase Two case study.

Event Detail

  • Duration: 12pm to 4pm
  • Venue: Skills Development Scotland Glasgow offices
  • Style: Creative Visioning – Footsteps to the Future, facilitated by Maximillion Lead Consultant and Maximillion Conference Artist
  • Group: A representative cross-section of RLG network members and key Skills Development Scotland staff. 15 pax.

Event Outline

Through the Footsteps to the Future workshop, participants were encouraged to participate in the design and development of the phase two programme for the wider network. This half day preparatory workshop engaged a small representational cross-section of network members to shape the backdrop for the full day event in the light of the desired deliverables outlined. Context was vitally important to ensure that the full day stakeholder engagement event took the desired direction, without the need for any form of prescription. Through this preparatory phase we were able to identify key issues, map the steps towards an ideal future for the RLG and shape the scope of the full day event in a way that was wholly relevant to the future challenges and operational realities facing the network.


The representative group were involved in a workshop that creatively and practically explored the demands on the network – past, present and future – in a dynamic, engaging and non-threatening way. To maximise the impact of the workshop, thoughts, ideas and actions were pictorially represented in metaphor format by the group. The whole process was facilitated by Maximillion Lead Facilitator who in turn was supported by a conference artist. Using the power of pictures and the participants’ experiences, thoughts and ideas, the outputs from the questions and issues raised during this workshop were charted through the production of images. This method enabled the group to use existing learning, knowledge and experience to create shared and visible storyboards that replicate and reflect key messages and issues for the RLG, as well as starting the process of mapping the route to an ideal future for the network.

Through this process, the group contributed to the generation of compelling images and metaphors, which was to provide fresh, lively data to be used to stimulate further discussion, development and planning by the wider RLG in February 2009 during the phase two network event.


“In speaking to my colleagues, there was universal agreement that the programme you delivered met our objectives and desired outcomes. For that, may I extend my sincere thanks to you and your team for a job well done!!”

Derrick Ross, Manager Business Services, Skill Development Scotland