Spectra in Scotland – Virtual Familiarisation

Maximillion has supported Spectra over many years, showcasing destinations and activities in the UK through familiarisation visits.  Spectra identified three key principles for their fam itineraries – they should include the opportunity to learn, connect and discover.

With many planned trips being cancelled in 2020 due to Covid-19, Spectra approached us to help them find an alternative way to bring Edinburgh to their clients. It needed to be authentic, uplifting and fun too.

Event Details

  • Event Dates: June 2020 onwards
  • Duration: 75 minutes
  • Where: Virtually – Edinburgh
  • Format: an interactive and engaging whistle stop virtual tour of Edinburgh utilising award winning tech and a lively host!


Spectra came to us looking for a virtual alternative to replace their familiarisation trips. The initial considerations were to plan on the inclusions, consider the route, feature a host of incentive quality suppliers, showcase what’s new and most of all fit the programme to workable timings.  Spectra have an excellent catalogue of images & videos from recent events and we knew that our award-winning mobile adventures App was the perfect tool to allow Spectra’s clients to witness this catalogue, virtually, first-hand.

Together with Spectra, we set out to produce a Virtual Fam that would:

  • Share the rich history and culture of Edinburgh
  • Visit hotels & venues
  • Immerse our guests in activities and tours with some active participation
  • Include interesting and fun facts that make Edinburgh so unique
  • Facilitate networking with other professionals
  • Meet up with the Spectra team who would share their Edinburgh experiences
  • Showcase “Spectra Firsts” & bring some smiles and laughter


What We Did    

We created a bespoke and interactive map of Edinburgh with a number of tailored hotspot pins to represent popular venues around Edinburgh. Then, working closely with Spectra we created a wealth of multiple-choice trivia and fun photo and video challenges for the teams to complete as they embark upon their chosen virtual route through Edinburgh. We also offered Spectra Bonus challenges with some fun facts about cultural differences such as food, drink and music. We added a little optional competition to incentivise the teams dashing around the city – with teams receiving points for completing the tasks, with creativity and humour always being rewarded extra points as they competed for the FAM Trip virtual winning medals!

We were able to showcase the venues and bring Edinburgh to life with a range of vibrant images and videos from Spectra programmes – to ensure the guests felt like they were really there!

On the day the guests were greeted by Spectra hosts and the Virtual Fam was compered by a Maximillion host. It kick-started with a short introduction followed by a quick briefing on the game. The guests were then split into smaller teams sent to their own breakout rooms to complete the tasks using their mobile devices, with plenty of encouragement and support from Maximillion and Spectra staff along the way.

What They Said

“Every fam is followed up with images of the visit, material on all that has been witnessed and an opportunity to feedback.  This was no exception.  Results have been a resounding success with between 95% – 100% wanting more, or the opportunity to share with their clients and colleagues.

We have been overwhelmed with responses with one client suggesting that ‘it was the most fun I’ve had on Zoom in weeks!’.”

Graeme Dowie, General Manager Scotland

“Spectra, in partnership with Maximillion, is proud to have pulled off another “Spectra First”.  This bespoke challenge has so far given several of Spectra’s overseas clients a unique experience in an informative and fun way. So much has been discovered about Edinburgh and the face to face contact was appreciated at a time when we have all needed to make good use of our time!”

Frances Wyatt, Director of Sales & Marketing

If you are interested in learning more about taking part in or creating your own bespoke Virtual Events find out more in our Maximillion Virtual Team Building Brochure or get in touch…….

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