Star Refrigeration Virtual 50th Anniversary Event

Star Refrigeration would normally get together for one large company-wide event and each site would organise their own team-building sessions. However, with restrictions in place, they approached us to explore how they could bring everyone together virtually and create an engaging itinerary for a broad range of staff, while also celebrating a very important milestone of 50 years of innovation, and keeping their sites operational throughout.

The key to delivering on the client’s outcomes was the pre-event engagement and communication in building the right level of bespoke content, with a personalised design while focussing on an itinerary that would engage their staff. We aimed to maintain energy levels through the virtual experience, leaving everyone uplifted and proud to have been part of marking their 50th Anniversary together.

Event Details

  • Event Date & Duration: Three half days in October – 7th, 8th & 12th Oct 2020
  • Where: Via Zoom Platform
  • Format: Virtual App-based challenges with bespoke Star Refrigeration content, celebration themes and a virtual voting system for a Birthday cake competition. We spread it out over 3 dates to allow business as usual to continue with maximum levels of engagement and interaction
  • Group Size: Approx. 100 people per event – with over 300 attending from sites and departments across the UK over the 3 event dates

What we Did

Our Star Refrigeration Virtual 50th Anniversary Experience was a fast-paced and fun event, which began with ensuring everyone had all the information and tech. support they needed in advance of the event to join the Zoom platform and download our app.

On the day, everyone was welcomed by our event host with music and an ice-breaking warm-up with our energising and fun Team Top Trumps activity – a modern twist on the classic card game – this activity got teams talking, breaking down barriers and helped even the teams find out something new and surprising about their colleagues.  Each team became a deck of Top Trumps cards and as such must put forward their best “card” in each category in order to trump the other teams! For example the “Who has had the most embarrassing Zoom moment?” round raised a few eyebrows and had us all in stiches with some great stories – what happens on zoom stays on zoom – we’re remaining tight-lipped!

Once everyone was suitably into the swing of this fast-paced Zoom activity, we commenced our short briefing on the App-based bespoke challenge game. The aim of the game was simple … Score as many points as possible before you run out of time! Working in zoom breakout teams, the teams worked around the bespoke refrigeration-themed game board on their smart phones, unlocking and completing a series of trivia, photo and video challenges in exchange for points. A wealth of bespoke Star-related content was built in, including their Directors baby photo challenge, Star Values, Star through the 5 decades and the cake entry voting competition to crown the winner of best bakers!

We then brought everyone back to the main room to have a good laugh at their highlight photos with plenty of heckling and banter from rival teams, before we announced the winners.

After the three events were complete we complied an overall leaderboard and collated the results of the cake voting, and shared all the photos and videos with the client, so Star had a wealth of content for their 50th Anniversary newsletter with plenty of memories and a positive shared-experience providing a great morale boost to the team as 2020 continues to throw challenges at us all.

What They Said

“With restrictions in place that curtailed our previous plans for the company’s 50th anniversary we were delighted to find a great alternative and a team well-equipped to deliver an event for such a significant milestone.   The Maximillion team worked closely with us, making suggestions and sharing ideas to help make our virtual away day celebrations a real occasion.

The feedback from the events was really positive and it was great to have a chance to get together in such a fun environment when all the teams have been working so hard over the past months.”  Nadia Rae – Group HR Director