Swire Oilfield Services

Maximillion was approached by one of our key Edinburgh venue partners, Norton House Hotel, to assist Swire Oilfield Services*, with the team development and team building component of the organisation’s global HSEQ team’s conference at the venue. The global HSEQ (Heath, Safety, Environment and Quality) team comprises individuals from Europe, Scandinavia, North America, Asia and Australia.

Maximillion was then contacted direct by Aberdeen-based Group HSEQ management to set expectations and outcomes and define the scope and content of the event. Our response was a one day programme comprising a facilitated team workshop in the morning incorporating MBTI profiling (Myers Briggs Type Inventory) and selected desktop experiential challenges from our TeamWorks In portfolio, with an afternoon of outdoor activities at the MadMax Adventures site on Kirknewton Estate, located on the outskirts of Edinburgh near Norton House.

*Swire Oilfield Services is the worlds largest supplier of specialist offshore cargo carrying units to the global energy industry and is a leading specialist in helicopter fuel systems and chemical handling services

Event Detail


  • Create a common language for the team through the MBTI profiling
  • Strengthen team relationships and identify opportunities to improve cross-team communication, collaboration and team working
  • Explore the workplace implications and applications of MBTI knowledge and learning at an individual and team and cross-cultural level
  • Allow individuals to have a fun, shared experience through the outdoor activities


In advance of the day, the Maximillion Lead Facilitator organised online MBTI profiling for all participants and produced interpretive 10 page individual reports and learning logs. The data provided through the profiling assisted in the final design and positioning of the morning event. In addition, the incorporation of MBTI informed the production of an additional ‘team learning log’. The group used the learning log to peer review their performance in selected outdoor activities in the afternoon. In so doing, they were able to reflect on how they played to each other’s strengths and identified areas for development in light of the knowledge and learning gained through the morning workshop.

The morning workshop essentially combined theory with experience, whereby the Lead Facilitator:

  • provided an insight into the background and rationale of Myers Briggs
  • led an exploration of individual profiles, the collective team picture in terms of strengths and areas for development
  • raised awareness of the implications and applications of the profiling through experiential desktop team challenges
  • identified opportunities to utilise the learning back in the workplace

In the afternoon, we took the group over to MadMax Adventures for an afternoon of outdoor fun:

  • TeamWorks Out problem-solving challenges such as Viaduct and Broken Bridge. The team was encouraged to peer-review their performance in the tasks in the light of the MBTI profiling, using the Team Learning Log provided
  • Target archery
  • Quad bike trail around Kirknewton Estate

Event Feedback

MBTI workshop:

Delighted with:

  • Overall contribution of your point(s) of contact
  • Style and quality of presentation
  • Relevance of session content to your organisation/business
  • Overall enjoyment of your event

Initial expectations: “Exceeded”. “Very satisfied” that the key learning outcomes were reached

“The whole team were pleased with the session and all felt that Gavin was very effective in his communication style and kept the interest level high. They also felt that the advice and examples given were thought provoking.”

Did anyone stand out during your experience with us? “Gavin – many felt he pitched the session “just right” without labouring any part of session”

Event Feedback

MadMax Adventures:

Delighted with:

  • Listening to your ideas and understanding your brief
  • Meeting your deadline(s)
  • Working to your budget Issuing agreements and invoicing
  • Communication prior to your event
  • Overall contribution of your point(s) of contact
  • Emphasis on safety
  • Quality and presentation of equipment Meeting your objectives
  • Friendliness and attitude of event staff
  • Willingness and ability to respond to your needs
  • Overall enjoyment of your event

Both Jonathan and Brendan were fantastic during the afternoon’s events

Again good feed back from the afternoon session. One member was so inspired by archery he may even join a club!