Tree London

Tree London is a market research and data consultancy offering services including qualitative and quantitative research, database design and analysis.

Tree holds an event every year to get staff together for some fun team building exercises. This year the company was looking for something different to entertain an increased staff group. And Maximillion proposed a “You’re Hired” event which appealed to Tree’s sense of fun as well as offering a meaningful business message.

Event Detail

  • Venue: Brighton
  • Group size: 35 participants
  • Format: Team tasks and boardroom showdown
  • Guests: Company employees, mix of ages with a fun approach and open attitude


  • To reward and thank staff with a fun activity
  • Strengthen team relationships
  • Allow individuals to demonstrate their business skills
  • Work together to complete challenge


Once participants were divided into four teams, Sir Colin Sugar marched in to deliver the brief: to source and buy a list of obscure items with a limited budget, using negotiation skills to get the best deals. Additional tasks were to be completed along the way to gain additional budget and demonstrate teams’ creativity and ingenuity. Time and project management skills were essential as teams negotiated their way around the streets of Brighton completing as many challenges as possible within the allocated time.

“Nick” and “Margaret” observers followed each team to provide insights and anecdotes in the nail biting boardroom showdown where the winning team was “hired”.

A videographer followed teams, and Tree London will enjoy the edited footage for years to come!

Who was it for

The event was participated by company employees, mix of ages with a fun approach and open attitude.


We hadn’t used Maximillion before and were very impressed with the creative and innovative ideas they proposed. When our brief changed, Maximillion was particularly responsive in presenting alternative ideas which met our new aims and objectives. The day itself was brilliant, and the feedback from our team has been overwhelmingly positive. We were delighted that the event balanced great fun with meeting our business objectives. Thank you to all the Maximillion staff for your professionalism and friendly approach – we wouldn’t hesitate to use you again.