UEBS – “Edinburgh In Context” GPS Adventures Challenge

We were delighted to support the Student Development Team at the University of Edinburgh Business School for the second year running, with an interactive orientation programme for MSc students through the design and delivery of a bespoke GPS Adventures challenge called “Edinburgh In Context”. Click here to discover more.

Event details:

Date: September 2016
Where: University of Edinburgh Business School, Edinburgh
Format: 4 x 100 participant game
Group size: 400+


The purpose of “Edinburgh In Context” was to introduce students to one another, to Edinburgh and to local businesses as well as providing opportunities to familiarise themselves with key staff members of the Student Development Team in a fun, engaging and interactive way.

What we did:

Using our GPS Adventures app we developed “Edinburgh In Context” to help students navigate to key locations within the city including university buildings, businesses and points of interest in the city. We added engaging video questions posed by the Student Development Team to help students familiarise themselves with the team and its objectives.

The game was specifically branded for the Business School and important locations were highlighted with specific hotspot pins. Run over the course of an afternoon for over 400 students from a variety of courses, participants were briefed and teams of 5 were given an iPad Mini then let loose on the capital! With a two-hour window, teams visited hotspots and completed challenges to score points.

Postevent the photos and videos taken were used as a slideshow during a welcome dinner, and the Dean of Edinburgh University presented a prize to the overall winners of “Edinburgh In Context”.

Who took part:

Over 400 MSc Students from the University of Edinburgh Business School.

What they said:

“The Welcome Week iPad Challenge was a great success for the second year running. It has been easy to work with Maximillion as they are so flexible and we have tailored the game to suit our needs, but with Thomas’ advice, still ensuring it’s fun for the students and we receive excellent feedback.”

Ruth Greig, Student Development Officer