Virtual Conferences

November 4, 2020 : News, Event Management

Many organisations have traditionally held a Conference at the start of the year for a number of different business reasons, be it fine tuning sales targets, communicating the vision or a general business update. Whilst 2020 and inevitably the start of 2021, has been and will continue to be very different for all live events, with a bit of adaptation and creative thinking your Conference or Meeting can go ahead and achieve your objectives.

Having delivered over 70 virtual events since May and with over 1500 guests attending, Maximillion have been fine tuning their Virtual Conference offering and really do believe that whilst you cannot and should not aim to re-create what you would do on a live event, you can definitely host a live Conference and/or Meeting that is engaging, educational and fun (if you want it to be!).

It may be a smaller meeting that you are looking to host which we can support by providing the platform (e.g. Zoom) to do so, content creation, production on the day and an engaging team building exercise. Or a larger Conference which involves live streaming, a studio set up, sponsors or exhibitors with vital engagement requirements, interactive opportunities for delegates. Again, we can provide the virtual events platform plus the support & experience to ensure you and all your stakeholders get the most from your Conference.

If you are considering hosting a meeting and/or conference and would like to chat through your thoughts and initial ideas we would be delighted to do so. Please do get in touch with

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