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March 16, 2009 : News

Recently Maximillion added a new and exciting dimension to our team building offering.Infiniteams from TPLD is an online multi-player learning environment that can be used directly off the shelf or customised for a whole series of development interventions. It is designed to allow teams to participate in a set of scenarios to improve the working dynamics between each of the team members, including the team leader.

There are seven scenarios or modules within the Infiniteams package, each lasting an hour with two sessions of playing the game and a debrief after each session. The games can be played over a full day of team development, played individually over several sessions, e.g. lunch and learn, or built into other team development programmes. All that is needed is browser access to the Internet and to the site which hosts the Infiniteams environment. The players can be in the same room, or can play remotely from their desktop.

TPLD is holding complimentary demo sessions in April 2009, and Maximillion has arranged for some of these sessions to be offered to our clients to try out this new environment for team building. We can arrange a date to suit you and your team for your free Infiniteams session.

The session will typically run for up to 90 minutes and involve an introduction to the Infiniteams environment, play of at least two games, and a full debrief, followed by a discussion about how you might deploy Infiniteams within your organisation. Ideally the team should have between 3 and 6 players ready to play.

Check out Infiniteams video clips on the Maximillion youtube channel.

If you would like to participate in one of these free sessions, please call Sandy Smith on 0131 333 0066 or email and we can schedule your session.

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