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February 16, 2009 : News

Building, leading and training teams has now become a whole new different proposition – companies need to quickly find ways to create the framework and methodology to engage with geographically dispersed teams.

Maximillion has investigated the emerging world of games based learning (GBL) to supplement the offerings for team building, and organisational improvement. Our research has led us to develop a partner relationship with TPLD, one of the thought leaders and specialist companies within the GBL community. TPLD has been using games technology to develop custom-build games for clients, and they have now launched infiniteams, a series of connected computer based virtual team building game modules which challenge a team to raise their game, and improve their skills in leadership, communication, relationship building, and critical thinking, while under pressure.

Games based learning as an industry offers several key dimensions to the learning experience:

  • Competition – keeping score and measuring player performance
  • Engagement – players are highly motivated to complete or win the game
  • Immediate reward – players receive feedback or praise when goals are accomplished
  • Achievement – clear objectives such as new understanding or skills to master
  • Motivation – providing information that is relevant to the student’s “real” life
  • Assessment – in the form of grades, credits or feedback

The Infiniteams one-day workshop allows teams of players, from 6 to 18 typically, to play several of the modules under the guidance of a facilitator, with consistent debriefing and discussion. The day can be 1 full day or spread over several sessions, and the players can all play the game remotely from their office/home location, via their normal browser with connection to the internet.

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