20 Highly-Rated Event Planning Apps (as voted by you)

March 31, 2016 : Event Management

20 Highly-Rated Event Planning Apps

There are numerous event planning apps popping up on the app store, probably as you read this right now, all aimed to make event management simple, and many do contribute to the overall success of our events.

From our own usage and from your experiences from these applications, we decided to put together a list of 20 free event planning apps (for both apple and android devices), ranking them in accordance to:

– Positive reviews left on iTunes and Google Play

– Overall star ratings according to these reviews

– Applications that we recommend and that we think you may not know about

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Amending your current event schedule on the fly couldn’t be easier with the InitLive app.

InitLive allows real-time scheduling, automatic editing and communication between staff members during events.

Perhaps temp staff members have dropped out of a shift, don’t worry, InitLive allows you to monitor which staff members are available (via the personal schedule tool) and when they’ve checked in to a shift.

Save the stress of calling numerous staff members and manage this all simply through one app.

13 positive reviews


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Punchbowl is an easy to use invitation creation app with loads of potential.

Choose from thousands of built in templates and create invitations for your event on your phone, simple!

As well the personalisation element, you’re also able to send invites through the app and keep track of RSVPs in real time.

You’re also able to create a guest list, keep it updated and message individual guests if need be.

An app well worth downloading (even if it does lack reviews!).

29 positive reviews


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Bizzabo, the app for “event networking made easy” is used by thousands of worldwide conferences each year.

Why? Pretty simple. You can manage multiple elements of your conference or event all at once.

Whether it be adding content to your website, sending last minute emails or organising your ticketing process, panic over, you can do it all in one place.

269 positive reviews


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Networking couldn’t be easier with the Whova app.

As one of the most used networking apps at events, Whova allows you to gain detailed insights in to the people you meet at events.

Surely this is going to be really time consuming? Not so much.

The app makes use of a cutting edge Smartprofile technology that builds profiles for you.

You can then refer back to these profiles when creating further events to reach the right people and contribute to a successful event.

359 positive reviews


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So, you’re attending an event with your colleagues, you’re all having a great time and snapping away at every opportunity with your smartphone.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could all share and store our images in one place? Introducing CapsuleCam.

Instantly add all images to one album, or seperate them in to individual ones, either way, multiple users can access the same folders and save images as they wish, perfect for events, parties and weddings.

685 positive reviews


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Guidebook, in our opinion, is one of the most underrated event planning apps on the market today.

It’s slick, simple to navigate interface allows you to browse a number of venue guides (without an internet connection) to make the choosing process easier for you.

These guides contain interactive maps which allows you to investigate the venues layout, to help further prepare for your event.

Guidebook also contains other useful planning materials including to-do list creation and alarms to stay on top of your tasks.

2,052 positive reviews


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24me allows us to effectively organise our responsibilities leading up to and on the day of an event.

The apps built in smart calendar and automated to-do-list send you updated progress reports and reminders, so you don’t forget about that all important email you need to send by 4pm.

A brilliant app to ensure the smooth running of organising and managing any event.

2,772 positive reviews


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Many people attending events don’t stop and thinking about just how much organisation and planning goes in to making it a success.

Doodle is just one app and one element which contributes to the planning stages of an event.

The app allows you, in a clear table format, to see who on your team is available on which days and times, making it quick and easy to organise a meeting amongst the right people.

2,931 positive reviews


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Imagine having your own personal party planner in your pocket, that pretty much sums up Evite.

Evite is a great little app for those hosting a party, conference or event, and guides you through each step of the planning process, making it a simple process for you.

7,273 positive reviews

11.Schedule Planner

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Schedule Planner is an app that, well, the clue is in the name!

Create and organise tasks by category and priority, making task planning simple and practical for event planners.

Other key features include exporting your schedule to CSV or PDF formats, data backup using the cloud and advanced alerts and notifications to stay on top of your day to day event planning.

7,954 positive reviews


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Asana is self-described as “one of the easiest ways for teams to track their work and get results.”

Asana allows you to create tasks, to-do lists and reminders from anywhere within the app, to save you time navigating around.

It’s biggest appeal is the tracking and communication features.

Track all of your work in once place, and if you need to send a colleague a quick reply, do so with a text message or simply a heart, how lovely.

10,805 positive reviews

9.PayPal Here

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PayPal Here makes transactions easy, organised and quick.

Accepting all major credit cards, sell merchandise or charge for tickets on the door and get paid instantly in to your PayPal account.

The app allows you to easily track cash/cheque payments, issue invoices securely and best of all, there’s no contract or hidden fees.

18,046 positive reviews


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Slack is the perfect team communication tool, boasting a host of features that make it super easy to:

– Share files with individuals/groups.- Real time messaging.- External app integration (Dropbox, Twitter, Asana).- Instantly sync across all devices.- Effective notification configuration.

24,574 positive reviews


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Eventbrite offers you a simple way of discovering popular local events and receiving recommendations specific to your interests.

Many think it’s only useful for attendees of events, but not so much.

Eventbrite can be used to the event planners advantage, a few of these include:

– Tracking down popular events in your industry and seeing how you can better them.- Planning your events around a time that is quiet, so the competition isn’t as fierce.- Finding further people who may also be interested in your event.

Plus, the benefits of advertising on the Eventbrite app are well worth taking notice of!

29,003 positive reviews


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HeyTell is a cross-platform voice messenger allowing you to instantly talk with event colleagues with ease.

They’re quicker than sending them via text, and totally free. Plus, the data usage is very low so, no need to send any lengthy emails.

Great app for getting in touch with multiple people at your event without any stress.

33,798 positive reviews


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Following one of the most popular email clients, Outlook, Microsoft released their own free calendar app, Sunrise.

Sunrise was made to sync with your Exchange, Google Calendar and iCloud accounts along with connecting to a host of event planning apps including Facebook, Evernote and Trello.

Simple, beautifully designed and makes your schedule simple to visually read.

44,613 positive reviews


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Trello, the app that allows us to “organise anything, together”.

Manage your teams tasks and your own through the Trello app with simple, concise checklists.

Attach a number of files and share amongst colleagues, from videos to PDF’s, this app makes the file transfer process a stress-free one.

This app even syncs with the Apple Watch, along with the other obvious devices!

45,152 positive reviews


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Updating your audiences through each social media channel can become pretty daunting, especially if your phone isn’t so fond of running several apps at once.

Hootsuite makes this process simple and stress free, by allowing you to send out messages to all social media platforms with ease.

Schedule posts or send them out on the fly, the choice is yours…

57,109 positive reviews


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Dropbox is one of the worlds most used apps for transferring huge files in a matter of seconds.

The well established app can also be of benefit at events. How?

Say you have your guest list synced across your device, but need other members of your team to access it, no problem…

Simply store all your paperless documents within Dropbox for anybody to access from any device, ready to edit when the time strikes.

909,874 positive reviews


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Evernote is known for making the user experience one to remember.

Quickly and simply organise several elements within your events schedule, write notes and check lists whilst discussing work with others, all within the app!

1 million + positive reviews

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