Annie’s Sustainability Solutions: Part One

May 17, 2018 : News

On the back of her guest blog last month, Event Team member Annie Waterston shares with us some top tips in relation to steps that you can take for a more sustainable way of life. Part 1 of 2:

In my guest blog post last month I talked about my journey to Antarctica and the problems arising globally rise from carbon dioxide emissions entering our atmosphere and causing ocean and global temperatures to rise. I encouraged you to “feel inspired to change your daily habits and become a sustainable champion” in your home and your workplace. This post identifies some solutions that you can implement on your journey to becoming sustainable. Some solutions can be implemented straight away and others that take a bit more time and energy.

Reforestation Solutions

Switch your web search engine from your current provider to ecosia. This search engine plants trees while you search. It is available as your default search engine or a Chrome extension. Stuck for a birthday present or Christmas present? Then plant trees on someone’s behalf:

(Photo: Trent T Branson)

Renewable Energy Solutions

  1. Change from your current car to a low emission car or even a hybrid or ELECTRIC CAR (On 26th July 2017 BBC reported there will be a UK ban on diesel and petrol vehicles from 2040)
  2. HomeBiogas – Home bio-fuel machine that produces fuel for cooking and fertilizer
  3. Voltaic Systems – Solar-powered chargers
  4. Lights4fun – Solar powered lights
  5. Solar Panel Guide – Consider investing in solar panels for your home
  6. CLICK HERE to watch a 3D wind turbine being tested out on my recent journey to Antarctica:

Energy Efficiency Solutions

  1. Switch your energy provider to Bulb, they provide 100% electricity and 10% gas from renewables saving approx 1.3 tonnes of Co2 per year per household.
  2. Energy Saving Trust – Carry out an audit of your energy use and then create solutions to try to reduce your energy consumption
  3. Home Energy Trust Scotland – Get free impartial advice on energy saving, renewable energy, sustainable transport and waste prevention
  4. CLICK HERE for a very in depth guide on how to cut carbon and energy costs
  5. CLICK HERE to watch my energy efficiency tips video

Plastic Solutions

  • Take the Story of Stuff Plastic Free July Pledge – a challenge to refuse single-use plastics for one whole month.
  • Reusables: I carry with me a reusable bag, water bottle, bamboo straw, cutlery and tin.
  • Georganics have a fantastic range of bathroom products from bamboo toothbrushes to plastic free floss.
  • Ecover Refill Stations – use a refill station instead of buying a whole new product.
  • Learn to make your own body products and cleaning products.
  • Switch back to glass bottles of milk.
  • Try Who Gives a Crap toilet paper – it is made from 100% recycled paper and they donate 50% of their profits to build toilets for those in need.

For part two of Annie’s Sustainability Solutions, please follow the link here.

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