Annie’s Sustainability Solutions: Part Two

May 17, 2018 : News

Annie’s second post (part 2 of 2) identifies some more solutions that you can implement on your journey to becoming sustainable. Again, some solutions can be implemented straight away and others that take a bit more time and energy.

Reducing Your Carbon Footprint Solutions

  1. Sign up with UCapture –  a green tech platform that funds carbon offsets at no cost to you when you shop online with over 4000 partners worldwide. If you use my referral link it will increase my offsets.
  2. Siemens App – new app by Siemens that challenges you to reduce your carbon emissions through gamification whilst challenging others and gaining points.
  3. Carbon Footprint – I recently took a flight from Bangkok to Edinburgh and offset my 2 tonnes of CO2 through a reforestation project on this UK based site.
  4. South Pole Carbon – my offsets of 12 tonnes of CO2 for Antarctica were sponsored through another reduction emission project using this site.
  5. Atmosfair – another recommended offsetting site based in Germany.

Consumerism Solutions

  1. REFUSE, REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE, REPAIR by upcycling, fixing and buying second hand wherever possible. Search out initiatives in your area. Facebook is a great way to source these by typing in “zero waste”.
  2. Edinburgh Remakery – learn, fix, buy second hand.
  3. Zero Waste East Lothian The Big Pick – waste reuse hub.

Fashion Solutions

  1. Care for your shoes and clothes by gently cleaning them until they are no longer wearable.
  2. Make better choices and choose natural fibres over man made fibres.
  3. Guardian Ethical Fashion Directory – source ethical clothing and shoes by using this guide.
  4. Good On You Ethical Shopping App – Check out how well some of your favourite brands are doing using this app.

Food Solutions

  1. Try to only buy the amount of food you need so there is limited waste.
  2. Get creative in the kitchen and search for recipes that you can use with discarded food, soup is usually a great option and then you can keep it in the freezer.
  3. Try to eat less meat – try meatless Mondays!
  4. Compost your food using a home made wormery. Kids will love this.
  5. Try to buy your produce from local suppliers rather than food that has been imported from overseas and remember to take your reusable bags to the shops.

Animal Protection Solutions

  1. Check labels on products that you buy. Palm Oil and Krill Oil should be avoided.
  2. Take ACTION by signing this petition to the UK government to ensure a Marine Protected area in Antarctica.
  3. Animal Sponsorship – when you’re buying gifts for others, especially youngsters, consider WWF animal sponsorship.

I will sign off now with the same message from Antarctica, which also featured in my initial guest blog from April 2018

“Hi world from Antarctica. Please world listen. Global warming and plastics are our challenge. Individuals, countries, let’s change. STOP, THINK, ACT. Energise and be the change”.

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