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February 13, 2009 : General Team Building

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That’s right – the Barnardo’s Cairngorm Challenge is back for its third year. Whoever said that three’s a crowd? It’s clear that ‘three’ is where it’s at. For example, three’s the magic number; once, twice, three times a lady; and there are three types of people in this world, those who make it happen, those who let it happen and those who wonder what happened.

One man who makes things happen is Barack Obama and to celebrate his inauguration I’ve enlisted the help of some past Presidents to help us to explain the ins and outs of the Barnardo’s challenge.

“Happiness and moral duty are inseparably connected”- George Washington

In a bid to help raise money for the children of Scotland, Barnardo’s met with us at Maximillion and asked us to come up with an event that could help. The result of that meeting was the Barnardo’s Cairngorm Challenge.

“A woman is the only thing that I am afraid of that I know will not hurt me” – Abraham Lincoln

The Barnardo’s Cairngorm Challenge is nothing to be scared of. So what is it? For the past two years the challenge has consisted of two legs, a 15km hike and a 35km bike ride. As the name suggests, it is challenging but as Theodore Roosevelt said “Believe you can and you’re half way there”

“A change is coming” – Barack Obama

As part of our service standards we are continually improving our products and although the past two years have been a great success we’ve taken note of feedback that the participants have given us. One of these points was to create a tiering system of difficulty. This way the Barnardo’s Cairngorm Challenge can be more inclusive and challenge people of all abilities, whether you’re a top athlete or somebody who takes life at a more leisurely pace. So with this in mind, we’ve created a Gold, Silver and Bronze disciplines with the Gold challenge being a huge 80km! The idea behind the Barnardo’s Cairngorm Challenge is to challenge yourself, and with this new and improved system the teams have more input into how difficult they want their Challenge to be. As Nixon said, “A man is not finished when he is defeated, he is finished when he quits.” We want you to be challenged, without being finished.

“There were a lot of times that we were alone, but I never really thought we were” – Bill Clinton

So we all know what Bill Clinton was talking about when he said these words and we’re not expecting you to “not have sexual relations with that woman.” However the good news is that we don’t expect you to have to go it alone. All participants of the Barnardo’s Cairngorm Challenge will be part of a team. Ideally, we would like to have teams of four but on occasion we have made exceptions for teams of three or five.

“It’s clearly a budget. It’s got a lot of numbers in it.” – George W. Bush

OK, so we’ve got your attention, you want to be challenged. Apart from blood, sweat and tears, what else is this going to cost. Each individual will be asked to pay an entrance fee of £100. This money covers the expenses of the running of the event. Each team will also be asked to raise £1600 between them. All the fund raising goes directly to Barnardo’s to help fund initiatives such as Springboard.

“The reward of suffering is expensive” – Harry S. Truman

“Do not pray for easy lives. Pray to be stronger men” – John F. Kennedy

The challenge isn’t easy but that’s the point. The fund raising is little but the cause is great. So if you’re asking yourself if you can achieve either, let alone both, “YES WE CAN.”

To find out more about the Barnardo’s Cairngorm Challenge please send an email to

Once the details have been confirmed we will reply with website links and registration details.

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