Can Maximillion retain our GoldStar?

May 28, 2013 : News

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As one of the highest scoring GTBS Gold Accredited companies, Maximillion has been nominated for a GoldStar in the corporate office category in this year’s awards. This follows our GoldStar success in 2011 in the inaugural Green Tourism Week.

GoldStars will be presented this November to the top 1% of GTBS Gold accredited companies who demonstrated the highest levels of green ambassadorship, innovation and cost savings in 2012.

So, what have we been doing to once again be nominated as one of the industry’s most sustainable companies?

We have committed to reducing our carbon footprint. We used 27,569 CO2 kg in 2007 which we reduced to 9,831 CO2 kg by the end of last year. That’s 17,700 CO2 kg in 5 short years, representing a huge 64% reduction!

Last summer we installed 144 solar pv panels on our roof, creating a 36kw system which generates 25,000kWh of electricity every year. The system is connected to the grid, so every watt of generated electricity we don’t use will be sold back to the grid. As Maximillion’s current consumption is just 10,000 kWh pa, we are now a net contributor to the grid.

This solar pv system added to our existing portfolio of onsite renewables which includes:

  • Rainwater harvesting for our vehicle wash down point
  • Solar thermal panels for hot water
  • A 56kw biomass boiler for central heating

As a previous winner, we are hoping for success second time around and to once again be confirmed as one of the tourism industry’s trailblazers for sustainability.

Click here for more details about Maximillion’s approach and commitment to running our business sustainably.

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