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July 19, 2010 : General Team Building

How they work

Espionage and Fugitive can be based in any city, town or location. In Espionage, participants are placed into competing Spy Cells where each is tested on their knowledge of world Geography, Cryptic Clues, blending into a crowd and other traits necessary to be a top spy. Your spy cells will also have to meet up with Secret Agents (who could be anyone from a businessman to Santa Clause) at secret locations throughout the event. The secret agents may have an extra challenge, important information for the cells or a trick up their sleeve!

In Fugitive participants are split into teams of Bounty Hunters. Armed with a mobile phone and their wit, intelligence from mission control will be sent as and when it becomes available and the teams must act fast to gain important information. Characters must be met along their way as well before tracking down their fugitive in a final showdown. Teams can be challenged on their observational skills, negotiation skills and their logic; however this can be tailored to your specific needs and outcomes.

Espionage and Fugitive are easily tailored to meet your objectives and work well to:

  • Bond and entertain teams
  • Encourage effective time management and organisational skills
  • Think outside the box
  • Create a shared, memorable experience
  • Reward your staff

If Espionage or Fugitive is what you are looking for and you want more info, contact us now.

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