May 23, 2013 : General Team Building

If you have to change something about your business or teams, there are some things to bear in mind. Barry Watson gives a few tips on what to consider when your company is going through change.

And as human beings we are wired to detect and respond to it. As individuals we all react to it in different ways, some embrace change as a new challenge, an opportunity to apply our creative talents and make a difference. Others fear the unknown, unsure whether they will be able to work in a new way, unwilling to give up the old way, unconvinced that it will be better.

“The Only Thing That Is Constant Is Change -”
― Heraclitus

Recognising that others are different people with their own values and beliefs, can help us make change happen more readily. This can be achieved if we communicate more effectively, ensuring  that reasons for change are understood, and if we listen better, so we can understand what the barriers to change are.

Understanding ourselves can help us to be more effective at managing and delivering change, whether we lead a team of people, are part of a team who are going through change, or have a feeling that as an individual, we need to do something differently.

“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.”
Charles Darwin

If change can be difficult, why do we do it? For some there is no choice, for example a merger or acquisition. New rules and regulations may mean that we have to work differently. For others it may be less clear cut, customers may want more from your products and services, or there may be more competition increasing the need for you to be different, or perhaps you are entering a new market.

Communicating a clear vision, and the reason for change is important.

So if we are all different, and the reasons for change are different, is it possible that we will move through change at a different pace. In short, yes it is. Some will find it difficult to let go of the past, others will be desperate to move on to the next new thing. It could be down to us as individuals, or it may be a consequence of when and how change is communicated to you.

So if it happens so often, and is so important to business, why is it that70% of change projects fail? (Harvard Business Review May-June 2000)

Delivering business change relies on a variety of skills. Hard and tangible, such as good processes, adequate resource, good plans, and softer skills such as communication, management andleadership skills.

There are several change management models and tools, many have the common ingredients of vision, making a case for change, communication, involvement, empowerment, and planning.

If you have to change something about your business or teams, these are some things to have in your mind. Maximillion can support you throughout your change journey, helping you to be more successful at delivering successful, sustainable change.

We hope that you will consider Maximillion for your organisation’s learning and development requirements in Edinburgh, Scotland, across the UK and overseas over 2013, and very much look forward to hearing from you.

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