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August 18, 2011 : General Team Building

Maximillion has teamed up with internationally recognised consultant PJ Stevens for a collaborative venture that combines our team building capabilities in the form of our Pole Position team event, with PJ’s expertise in developing high performance teams.

PJ is the lead presenter of a programme that makes the link between the hallmarks of Formula 1 pit-stop crews and creating high performing teams in business. In his guest blog, he gives an insight into these high performance F1 teams, and where we can learn some lessons from them with regard to developing our own teams.

Now over to PJ trackside…

Organisations are not successful, it is the people who work in them that are successful. It is people that drive an organisation forwards, slow it down or even put it in reverse. The value of an organisation can be measured by the expertise of its staff and their ability to work together. The bottom line will reflect the skills of the staff and the quality of their soft skills. There is perhaps no better place to see this in evidence, than when a F1 pit stop crew goes to work live on television where a high performance team is not only required, it is essential. The bottom line of a pit stop can make or break a race, perhaps even a season.

”We’re not driving the car, we don’t design the car and we’re not engineering the car but good teamwork from the boys on the pit crew can win or lose a race”, states Ron Meadows, Team Manager of the Brawn GP, who called the shots where the pit crew was concerned during their 2009 World Championship success.

So much of that is true in business. There are so many unsung heroes in business that may not have high profile roles, but are still vital to the success of the team and the organisation.

Our High Performance Team Building Programme, using F1 Pit Crews as a model for understanding and developing teamwork, can be delivered in several forms from a few hours to a few days. Furthermore, they are tailored to suit your needs, desired outcomes and depth of development in your people, team and business.

Example programmes:

  • Half-day introductory session that fits beautifully with a half-day activity such as Pole Position. In the morning you will discover the Five Hallmarks of developing High Performance Teamwork, then enjoy an afternoon to try them out in a fun environment.
  • 1 to 2 day programme to look more closely at the Hallmarks of High Performance teams, and specifically the clarity and culture required to activate them in your work place. Subject to needs and time, we can look closely at specific skills such as relationships and leadership and their impact on delivering high performance and productivity.

These programmes are facilitated and delivered by me, PJ Stevens, or with my F1 Colleague, ex-ITV F1 presenter and the only woman to have been part of a live F1 Pit crew, Louise Goodman. Louise trained for three months to do a 1.5 second job of putting one wheel on a car. Together we offer real insight into the world of F1, combined with delivering High Performance teamwork programmes that will impact on your people, their performance and the bottom line of your business.


To find out more about how we will help you and your people drive your business forwards, and for more information on other related areas of interest in organisation development, facilitated team experiences and learning & development in Edinburgh, Scotland and across the UK please contact Sandy Smith on 0131 333 0066 and Alternatively, send us an enquiry.

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