Embark on a whirlwind of enterprise, racing against the clock to reach the core.

Maelstrom is a fast-paced, multi-activity indoor team building event – unique to Maximillion – which devolves total control to the teams. They must decide what to do and when to do it across Maelstrom’s five themed activity zones – Risk, Brain, Adventure, Skill, Energy. Racing against the clock, teams must strategise to succeed, negotiating every move and striking key allegiances.

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2h - 2.5h
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Embark on a whirlwind of enterprise, racing against the clock to reach the core.

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Indoor Team Building

How it works

Maelstrom is controlled from “The Hub” where a giant vertical game board charts teams’ progress to the central core. Teams buy moves with tokens, which are earned by completing an amazing variety of fun, interactive activity-based tasks, challenges and puzzles. These tasks are located across the five themed activity zones, and teams will select them according to their strengths and preferences. Racing against the giant digital countdown clock, teams must maximise their collective participation and performance, completing as many of the tasks as possible before the countdown clock reaches zero, with the first team reaching the game board’s ‘eye of the Maelstrom storm’ crowned winners.

Who it’s for

Maelstrom is for you if you want an exciting, fast-paced multi-activity event that is high energy and creates a dramatic sense of urgency. It works very well as a stand alone indoor team building activity to reward and develop teams, or as a dynamic activity on your conference agenda.



The Benefits

Maelstrom is an effective way to quickly create a sense of team unity and cohesion in a fast-paced, high stakes situation. Team members quickly gain an appreciation of their individual and group strengths, and play to these in an attempt to gain a competitive advantage.

Works well to improve

  • Strategic thinking and forward planning
  • Different styles of decision making under pressure
  • Collaborative team working- playing to individual and collective strengths and skill-sets
  • Some healthy team competition