The Big Picture

Articulate key themes and messages in a fun, dynamic, artistic environment.

Like our Create & Paint event, The Big Picture is also designed to bring people together to collectively explore and share an understanding of your organisational, business, or related messages or themes, and the role the participants have played / currently play / will play in achieving them.

The collaborative team working undertaken during the event strengthens individual connections with the wider organisation and gives a sense of shared identity. It will inspire the group’s creativity by capturing individual and collective ideas and providing the context to articulate them through the creation of a giant composite canvas artwork, which they will recreate from a professionally pre-prepared graphic illustration.

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The Big Picture

Articulate key business themes and messages in a dynamic, collaborative, artistic environment.

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How It Works

Teams are split into pre-determined teams teams are given one (or more) traced canvas – designed from the pre-prepared illustration – and one (or more) blank canvas.

Stage One

Teams are issued with a team pack and canvases, including their first art-based challenge. Once this is completed and presented to the Arts Council, cash will be awarded to allow each team to buy their chosen materials from the Art Shop for the construction of their canvas.

Stage Two

Teams must collaborate and communicate to make sure their parts of the big picture composite canvas will connect with those surrounding canvases. Teams must do so in a way that will ensure that their final artwork is as true a depiction of the original pre-determined illustration as possible.

Stage Three

Everyone comes together towards the end for the ‘Grand Reveal’. Canvases are first mounted on the giant easel, then draped. Then, at the unveiling, the quality and success of the teams’ artistic collaborations becomes undeniably evident, and on plain view to all!


Who It’s For

The Big Picture is ideal for teams and groups from across all organisational and functional levels, e.g. leadership teams, operational teams, project teams, sales teams, as well as multi-disciplinary, cross functional teams and groups. This art themed team development activity also works well for large conference groups.

Key Features

  • Professional graphic artist to create, through consultation with you, the image that the teams will recreate on the day of the event
  • Lead Facilitator to lead event, supported by experienced and uniformed Event Manager and Activity Instructor team
  • Art-themed activities
  • Genuine framed canvases
  • Fully stocked art shop
  • Aprons and other protective materials.

Key Benefits

  • Encourages planning
  • Encourages debating and collaborations
  • Promotes business messages and themes
  • Highlights the importance of creativity
  • Emphasises the need to collaborate, communicate and work together for the big picture!