New Year Energisers

January 19, 2023 : News

In these winter months keeping tabs on your energy levels is crucial for all event organisers. Setting the right energy level and breaking the ice can ensure you get the most engagement out of your event audience.


By kicking off with a well-placed energiser to generate the right vibe can be the difference in making your event return on all your objectives! Here’s a quick snapshot of some popular ideas for inspiration…





Team Top Trumps
Based on the classic game, but with a modern team-based twist, Team Top Trumps is a highly-competitive event format that breaks down barriers and helps you find out new and surprising things about your colleagues. Teams put forward their best ‘card’ in the form of one member of the team, who competes with the other ‘cards’ from each of the other teams by responding to a series of fun, question-based and physical challenges and tasks that are presented in a light-hearted round by round basis.




A fun, energetic team building activity which requires a little bit of rhythm and a lot of enthusiasm! Everyone is given a pair of specially tuned coloured plastic “boomwhacker” tubes, and learns a sequence of rhythms, before coming together as a whole group to produce a unique, layered percussive beat!

Human Bingo
Like classic Bingo, but with a corporate team twist! This fast-paced energiser makes a fantastic addition to any conference, meeting or team building day. Acting as a tool to get teams talking, this team building game breaks down barriers and helps even the most established team find out something new about their colleagues.



Maximillion organise fun indoor events across the UK for corporate groups of all sizes. We can organise the whole event for you, from venue finding and catering to the sourcing and provision of activities and entertainers, or we are more than happy to simply support you as and where required.


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