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January 19, 2023 : News

While the snow lays on the ground and the wind and rain rages outside, keeping your group dry and warm indoors whilst providing them with an engaging and energising team challenge to kick start 2023 may be a more appealing prospect than facing the elements.


Maximillion offers a wide range of indoor team building activities for a range of group sizes to suit different group profiles, event objectives and budgets. Find out more on our indoor team building and indoor tech events pages. Here’s a quick snapshot of some popular ideas for inspiration…



The aim of this frenetic game is simple…score as many points as you can before you run out of time! In this game of strategy, teams have to complete five increasingly complex levels of tasks and challenges, but the harder the challenge the more points it’s worth! This high energy challenge will help participants master delegation, time management, strategic planning and explore team working skills. Most importantly teams will have loads of fun and feel motivated.

Challenge Chest

Fast-paced and fun, this is an event in which teams are able to choose how they manage their own routes to achieve a winning outcome. Each team will be presented with their own padlocked Challenge Chest, which they first must crack the code to open, before a plethora of tasks becomes available for the teams to complete.

Braveheart Games & Carpet Curling


Looking to experience elements of Scottish heritage, but with a fun, modern, competitive twist? Our Braveheart Games offer a blend of team building games inspired by those of the traditional Highland Games circuit. These Games, however, have been tailored to be enjoyed indoors – away from the occasional rigours of the Scottish climate – with the incorporation of brilliantly creative challenges to suit the latter day clansman and clanswoman!

Or as stand-alone event you can experience the competitive thrill of traditional Scottish Curling, only without the fear of frostbite. We bring you our authentic indoor alternative to the ice rink-based version that can be played all year round!

Kinetic Connections


This colourful, collaborative activity encourages participants to work together for shared success, ideal for encouraging different teams, departments and offices to co-operate more closely. The objective of assembling a giant kinetic model by interpreting clues, completing problem-solving exercises and working to diagrams requires everyone’s input to succeed.

Rhythm Rocks

A musical extravaganza that gets the whole group working to the same beat, and which is sure to put a smile on everyone’s face. Participants work closely together to develop their drumming and sense of rhythm. Using different musical techniques, the group finds their individual style by choosing from a range of instruments such as the Surdo drum, Agogo bells & shakers and snare drums.



Team Top Trumps
Based on the classic game, but with a modern team-based twist, Team Top Trumps is a highly-competitive event format that breaks down barriers and helps you find out new and surprising things about your colleagues. Teams put forward their best ‘card’ in the form of one member of the team, who competes with the other ‘cards’ from each of the other teams by responding to a series of fun, question-based and physical challenges and tasks that are presented in a light-hearted round by round basis.




A fun, energetic team building activity which requires a little bit of rhythm and a lot of enthusiasm! Everyone is given a pair of specially tuned coloured plastic “boomwhacker” tubes, and learns a sequence of rhythms, before coming together as a whole group to produce a unique, layered percussive beat!

Human Bingo
Like classic Bingo, but with a corporate team twist! This fast-paced energiser makes a fantastic addition to any conference, meeting or team building day. Acting as a tool to get teams talking, this team building game breaks down barriers and helps even the most established team find out something new about their colleagues.



Maximillion organise fun indoor events across the UK for corporate groups of all sizes. We can organise the whole event for you, from venue finding and catering to the sourcing and provision of activities and entertainers, or we are more than happy to simply support you as and where required.


For more information on any of the activities above, call one of our sales team today on 0131 333 0066 or email 


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