An inside view of Maximillion

October 19, 2011 : General Team Building

Hello, my name is Katrin and I have had the pleasure of spending 15 weeks at Maximillion Events, doing my work placement here.

When first arriving to the wonderful city of Edinburgh back in July, I was welcomed by a very sunny week-end. It was one of these rare summer week-ends, but I can tell you, the weather is the only “bad” thing in this country. To the best parts of my life here in Scotland I can certainly count my internship at Maximillion. The company has a wonderful work atmosphere and great values which are incorporated not only on events but also in the everyday work life. I felt integrated in the teamright from the beginning as the staff is very helpful, patient and always ready for a good laugh, too!

Maximillion not only gives interns the opportunity to see how theory works in practice regarding in the different departments such as Sales and Operations in the office, but also to work on a wide range of different events. I got the chance to work on a big number of events, from smaller team building events with 30 people up to a big one with even 400 participants. Additionally I had the chance to work on a big charity event, the Cairngorm Challenge.

I will now start on another adventure through Scotland, to see even more of its breath-taking landscape. Finally, I can say without doubts that my experience at Maximillion has been a big help in deciding what I’d like to do in my future.

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