Investors in People Accreditation

January 29, 2016 : News


Having undergone our first IIP accreditation in 1999, Maximillion have just recently been re-accredited and are delighted to say that we have retained our accreditation.

We are proud to say that’s an impressive 17 year stint as an IIP recognised organisation! For those not familiar with IIP, “successful accreditation against the Investors in People Standard is the sign of a great employer, an outperforming place to work and a clear commitment to sustainability.”

Six out of the nine full time employees selected for interview, and we were asked questions around the ten IIP indicators for the Assessor to determine how we were doing in each area, including real life examples as to how these were being carried out and to identify areas we could improve in.

Please find below some strengths and opportunities that were highlighted in our report:
– High degree of visibility of the direction of travel, all the key indicators to meet that, and how the company and individuals are performing to reach goals, success being celebrated “loudly” along the way
– Feedback is quick, direct and constructive
– Continuous improvement is sought
– Extend our sustainability approach beyond being environmentally friendly to the overall sustainability of client’s business and our own, for example ensuring staff are resilient for the future, teams are engaged
– Improve the rewards measurement and process for support services

So where to next? In true Maximillion style we will review the report, share with the team and look to put in place some simple effective actions that will hopefully make a difference.

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