Invitation to Prototype Pole Position

June 20, 2011 : News

Maximillion has developed a new team building event and we invite you to prototype the activity in September to help prepare for launching in October. Pole Position will combine creative flair with technical wizardry as teams embark on the race to take the chequered flag.

It’s been a while since Maximillion brought a major new team building product to market with Eden being the last major launch back in 2007. The recession stifled demand for developing new team building events but as the economy starts to normalise, we have seen the opportunity to innovate and develop a new concept for our returning customers.

What is Pole Position?

Pole Position will challenge teams to design and construct their own pedal powered F1 Super Kart and then race in a series of qualifiers before the final head to head to take the chequered flag and win the Grand Prix. Pole Position will draw on a wide range of team skills as roles are assigned to undertake crucial tasks including

  • Pit stop management
  • Sponsorship and branding
  • Engineering
  • Race strategy
  • Team drivers

Hosted by “The Stigg”, Pole Position will emulate a Formula One weekend complete with race qualifiers, expert commentary and the grid walk over the PA and a warm up lap. The race will be launched from a staggered grid with the fastest qualifier starting from Pole Position. The winning team will be the masters of race strategy, driver management, pit stops, wheel changes and all the daring driving skills required to negotiate the chicanes and power down the straits of our F1 circuit.

Why Prototype?

Before we sell a new product, we have to make sure it is ready for market so when the first customer buys the product, they can be assured it’s been thoroughly tested and adjusted ready for their group. Prototyping allows us to do this and is similar to a final dress rehearsal, with a live group experiencing the event in exactly the same way as the future customers will. The purpose is to test the equipment, the staff, the script and the operating procedures making any final adjustments required.

Would you like to Prototype Pole Position?

The first respondent that meets the following criteria will be offered the opportunity. You must:

  • Have a group of between 32 and 48 (larger groups can qualify but a charge will apply)
  • Be available for a half day morning or afternoon
  • Be able to schedule a mid-week day, excluding Fridays, in early September
  • Format to include a review session after the event

How much will it cost?

The event itself will be complimentary; however, some costs will need to be considered and covered by you

  • Your venue (we can suggest, research and organise for you)
  • Transport of kit and staff from our base in Edinburgh to and from the selected venue
  • Any food or drink you require for the event.
  • Your guest transfers

If your group is larger than 48 then we will charge £35 + vat for every additional person.

What next?

If you would like to experience and prototype Pole Position free of the fee and you feel you qualify to do so, then please send an email or call 0131 333 0066

If you are not able to prototype Pole Position, but would be interested in learning more about this new and exciting event, then please send us an enquiry or call 0131 333 0066


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