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July 7, 2015 : Team Development, News, General Team Building

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Interested in getting your people to communicate, collaborate and express their creativity in a different way?

If you are looking for a fun activity for teams to get creative and express themselves in ways they never thought they could, or if you are looking for a tool that does this and can also communicate organisational messages or goals, look no further than Create and Paint!

Tell me more:
Create and Paint is designed to encourage debate and the sharing of ideas, whilst also placing a large emphasis on the need for clear communication across teams to ensure that the final artwork demonstrates a successful pattern of communication and a shared vision.

How it works:
Issued with art themed challenges, teams must first prove their knowledge to the ‘Arts Council’ by taking part in fun art-themed activities that will help them secure funding for the project. With funding in place, teams can buy a huge variety of colourful arts and crafts materials from the ‘Art Shop’ which they can use to co-create one or more giant, composite canvases. By collaborating with other teams, all canvases will come together in the end to form the ‘big picture’. But will the collaborative thinking be represented in the final canvas, or will lines get blurred and messages become lost?

What we do differently:
The format of this event can be adapted to suit a fun day of teambuilding as well as being facilitated to ‘bring to life’ key business and organisational themes and messages. Whether the event is facilitated or not, Create and Paint brings people together to creatively explore their role, work on their communication skills and contribute to a sense of a shared identity.

An example of a bespoke Create and Paint was when Maximillion was selected by one client to assist 70 senior and middle managers in articulating their new vision and values through a fun, participative and engaging team-based organisation development intervention. Based on the brief provided, Maximillion successfully proposed a bespoke version of our Create & Paint format, in which teams undertook a collaborative process that resulted in the production of giant canvas artworks which reflected the new vision and values for the business – For more information on this project please click here

The event can also be used for product, venue launches and promotional purposes. A recent example of this was for the Carlowrie Castle industry launch event in June 2015, when we created a bespoke canvas made up of 49 smaller canvases upon which the outline of Carlowrie Castle was initially sketched. On arrival at the Castle, each guest was invited to contribute to the final collaborative masterpiece by applying their own artistry to each smaller canvas using the arts and crafts material provided, so that the resulting composite canvas had a little contribution from each guest. Please refer to the supporting picture for the final result.

The end result:
With Create and Paint there’s something in it for everyone, and participants will gravitate towards the roles and the aspects of the project that play to their strengths. By incorporating organisational messages into the artworks, the event can help participants visualise a wider strategic picture and have a clear understanding of what underpins it, its critical nature and the part they have to play in achieving it. What’s more, a key takeaway from the event is a collaboratively produced piece of art to hang in your offices, and/or to capture digitally for posterity and as a dynamic memento of the event.


Maximillion offers a wide range of indoor and outdoors team building activities to suit different group sizes, objectives and budgets in Edinburgh, Scotland, throughout the UK and beyond. Please Click here for more team building ideas, make an enquiry or contact one of the team on 0131 333 0066.

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