Christmas Party at your Office

September 28, 2015 : News, Event Management

Looking to add a little sparkle to this year’s Office Christmas Party…? Maximillion may just have the magic ingredients to make this happen!

Instead of searching for an appropriate venue why not transform your office into your party venue? Provided you have suitable space that can be accessed ahead of the party night the first ingredient would be the entertainment. We would suggest having a selection of entertainment areas or booths for guests to mingle between thus ensuring that there is something for everyone. Suggestions are as follows:

  • Victorian market with traditional festive stalls for guests to take part in
  • Karaoke and Disco booth
  • Ski Sunday which involves snow based simulators for guests to have a go on
  • Christmas themed photo booth
  • Mixology station where your guests can create their own cocktails
  • Casino Royale, a selection of casino tables for guests to take part in
  • Piano bar, gin bar or champagne bar…the options really are endless

Next to go into the mixing bowl is the music, be it live musicians, carol singers on arrival, a band or a DJ closely followed by strolling entertainers. All would impress your guests and can be used to cleverly provide the links between the different entertainment areas.

Next is the food and drink which we would recommend serving directly to guests via waiting staff, with the option of having a bar or two for guests to be-able to go to directly. This would match the relaxed and informal approach of the Office Party.

Lastly add a touch of theming to bring the different areas together and transform the physical appearance of the Office and hey presto you have yourself a very unique and alternative Christmas Party!

It is now up to you and your team to carry out the stereotypical office party roles; the embarrassing sweater, the Office drunk, the ill-fated hook up in the photocopy room and waking up feeling deep regret after asking the boss for a pay rise… Unfortunately for you and fortunately for Maximillion, these are services which we do not provide.


Treat your colleagues and book a Maximillion Christmas event at your office to the value of £1500 + vat or more – to be delivered before 31st January 2016, and receive a Virginia Hayward Christmas Hamper to the value of £250*.

Maximillion offers a wide range of themed Christmas events to suit different group sizes, objectives and budgets in Edinburgh, Scotland, throughout the UK and beyond. Please click here for more team building ideas, make an enquiry or contact one of the team on 0845 901 1422.

(*Terms and conditions apply, and are available on request).

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