MadMax Adventures shoots for five stars!

February 23, 2016 : News


Maximillion’s purpose built Activity Centre, MadMax Adventures, located at Kirknewton continues its development moving into 2016. The site, currently 4 star graded through VisitScotland, has run in its current location since 2013 in an “off grid” state with the need for a large amount of equipment and supplies taken to site when operating.

We are now proud to announce that, after some clever logistical planning and work, MadMax now has the provision of mains power and mains water, allowing the site to run much more efficiently. The mains power allows our remote WiFi connection to be more stable and has allowed the introduction of a mains telephone line, meaning groups have a much stronger point of contact on the day of their booking as well as the existing back-up of our Head Office. The removal of generator use increases the “greenness” of the site with no more exhaust fumes or noise pollution. The mains water will allow for a permanent wash down point to be installed meaning equipment can be kept in tip top condition after a busy day playing in the mud!News

The installation of power also allows us to increase the storage on site, have a more robust security system and allow our team to rendezvous on site as opposed to collecting equipment from our warehouse at Newbridge and travelling to MadMax. Two new storage containers have been sourced and delivered to site and after a lick of paint to match the others, they will add nicely to our Hub area.

On top of all this we have put in place a screen in front of our portaloos to create a more permanent and aesthetically pleasing facility, as well as a canopy between our Clubhouse, and changing rooms so that catering, in particular BBQs, can be prepared on site in all weathers.

Our 4×4 Off Road track required some digger work to de-rut some of the particularly worn areas as well as open up a particularly challenging stream to uphill section which had become overgrown. The feedback from customers on the reopening of this section has been fantastic and we are glad to have this section back on the portfolio of our Off Road track.News

The final stage of development for 2016 comes with a new fence line and permanent housings for our Clay Pigeon Shooting range and traps, as well as development of a brand new quad trail using more of the woodland on the site. This will create a more exciting experience for customers, as well as add visually to the site. The rerouting of the quad trail involves us using less field space and therefore preserving the open spaces on Kirknewton Estate. The new trail route will also incorporate easy open and self-closing bridle gates to allow quicker access to all areas of the route, making the experience even more seamless.

All of these upgrades are with one thing in mind – and that is attaining a 5 star accreditation through VisitScotland! Watch this space…

To learn more about MadMax Adventures, please visit our website here or call us on 0845 901 1422.

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