MadMax Celebrates First Birthday

December 1, 2010 : News

MadMax Adventures’ inaugural event was on the 15th December 2009 and as we celebrate our first anniversary, let’s look back on the ups and downs of this fledgling business.

Over the last twelve months, MadMax has catered for 47 groups and just over 500 guests. Roughly one third of our bookings has been small corporate groups, one third stag parties and one third private groups. The most popular activities have undoubtedly been our Quads Safari with Clays, Archery and 4×4, all enjoying a high uptake.

Setting up a new reception facility, building activity zones, securing planning permission, training instructors, launching a new website, creating a new brand and producing a new flyer was all a huge amount of hard work, but the figures speak for themselves and the MadMax project has been a resounding success.

The real success of MadMax Adventures has been Maximillion’s ability to open the door to small groups and provide them with cost effective and competitively priced activity days and team building events, something Maximillion was simply unable to do in the past.

If you have a small group on a budget and would like to learn more, then visit the MadMax Adventures website or send us a MadMax enquiry.

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