Maximillion’s Covid Guidelines for Live Events

April 29, 2021 : News

Maximillion are working hard to ensure that all our event services are delivered within local, regional and national government guidelines.

We carry out specific risk assessments for each event itinerary we put together. The safety and enjoyment of our clients and staff is at the heart of everything we do, and as such, we want to reassure our clients that all safety considerations relating to COVID-19 will be factored in. Health & Safety within Maximillion is managed by our in-house team members who hold the relevant governing body qualification from IOSH.

As a company we are delighted to display the green tick illustrating that as a business ‘we’re good to go’! The scheme was developed by Visit Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland and provides comfort to our clients that we have not only met, but exceeded, the relevant H&S standards and protocols recognised by the World Travel & Tourism Council.


Maximillion are looking forward to welcoming guests back to Outdoor Events and have put a number of protocols in place to ensure the risk of transmitting or passing on a virus is reduced as far as practicably possible. The situation is ever evolving and as mentioned above, we will move with the guidelines delivered by the regional and national government, however, the below protocols will be adopted to all future events.

  • – Equipment will arrive to your event sanatised by Bac5 – an antibacterial and antiviral solution known to kill viruses in 5 seconds
  • – Equipment will be sanatised as it is passed from one competitor to another [as far as practicably possible]
  • – 2m social distancing will be encouraged where appropriate
  • – All of our instructors will wear a face covering throughout the event
  • – Hand sanitising stations will be available for all to use
  • – Hand moisturising stations will be available for all to use
  • – Details of all guests will be captured and the track and trace system will be used to alert you and your colleagues if a guest has shown signs of Covid-19 within 7 days of being on an event with Maximillion Events


Our indoor events have been risk assessed to the same standard as our outdoor events and whilst the same protocols are in place we will also require all guests, if able to do so, to wear a face mask for the duration of the event.


Our digital design team have worked hard to make sure all of our live activities are social distance ready and safe to play. For more information on exactly how your activity will run and how we’ll ensure participants are safe, scroll down…

1. Our activities have been designed in ‘Captain/Player’ mode, this game format enables one person to be the ‘team captain’ – this player will be the only person able to answer questions, however, all players will see the question on their own separate device to enable discussion and team strategy. By utilising this mode, players are not sharing a device and can maintain a safe distance from other players whilst still working as a team.

2. Each of our photo and video challenges have been carefully designed to ensure that participants do not have to touch or stand closely together when taking part.

3. Each player (whether they are Captain or Player) will see the same game content on their own devices, ensuring social distancing can take place but engagement levels remain the same.

We are always happy to discuss these and any additional steps you’d like to explore to ensure the safety and comfort of all your guests. Please note that we will also be adhering to individual requests from venue and suppliers to ensure all health and safety measurements are covered.

We look forward to welcoming you on one of our events soon.

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