Maximillion Positive on Carbon Negative

April 4, 2017 : Uncategorized

At Maximillion we have been assiduously measuring the carbon footprint we create for over ten years now, and have observed it steadily decreasing since the dark days of 2007 when we emitted 27 tons. The year on year reductions have been down to using less energy and recycling more. However, in the last four years, we have turned an interesting corner and made a positive carbon footprint.

How so?  

In 2013, we installed 144 solar panels with a 36kw capacity. This supplies more energy to the building than we can use, and the surplus is exported back into the grid. This exported excess amounts to on average 11,000 kWhs per year and equates to nearly 6 tons of carbon saved. Add this to the 3.3 tons of carbon produced and our net carbon footprint for 2016 is negative (-2.7 tons). A great result and one we can be rightly proud of!


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