Maximillion Reflections and Happiness

March 10, 2022 : Team Development, News

We’ve been reflecting on the journey we’ve been on as individuals and as a team over the last 18 months. While this has seen some really tough challenges, we spent some time in a recent team meeting focussing on the positives, highlights and things to be grateful for.


We looked at the “Three Good Things” mental exercise to help build an individual and collective positive mindset. This powerful happiness-boosting exercise comes from positive psychology—the science that explores the healthy side of mental health, like psychological strengths and flourishing.

Find our more here Source: SIU School of Medicine.


We’ve listed some of the collective highlights of our team journey over the last 18 months.




1. Repetitive processes were improved to save time once we got busier again.

2. Hybrid working adopted to reduce severity of potential covid outbreak.

3. Virtual events introduced, developed and expanded rapidly to cater to lack of live events.

4. Office layout refreshed to become more modern and a nicer space to spend time – decluttered and fresh décor!

5. Communal meeting space created to facilitate team meetings and shared projects.

6. Online tools and meetings have increased our productivity and allowed meetings with colleagues, clients and suppliers to be more efficient when travel isn’t required.

7. Dart board introduced because darts is class and who wouldn’t want a dartboard.

8. Event room created with green screen to improve delivery of virtual events.

9. Fridge included to cater for the hungrier members of the team (Tommy).

10. Coffee machine purchased to cater for the caffeine addicts (Mike, Sarah & Ramu).

11. Memories board created to cater for the nostalgic members of the team. 




1. Warehouse went from being used every day to not being used at all.

2. We decided to downsize the warehouse to save costs – declutter and upgrade kit.

3. Stock was checked and organised into locations to improve our efficiency going forward.

4. A categorised stock listing was produced to allow us to locate stock faster.

5. Space was made in the warehouse to allow production and fulfilment work to take place when required.

6. Tidy and beautiful warehouse equals joyful event prep and execution.



1. Jenny joined the team in August after a mix of furlough & hybrid working in hospitality industry.

2. A hybrid intro moving to more time in the office and then getting to know everyone in the Max team at our first social gathering for ages at Ross & Demi’s wedding.

3. Being part of my first live Highland Games events at Murrayfield and Checkpoint Challenge Dalmahoy)

4. Seeing the variety of services we can offer and getting involved in some more unusual enquiries (e.g. cupcakes & unique catering).

5. Beginning to confirm my own sales & create my own contacts and key client accounts network.

6. Re-visiting venue & supplier relationships as we head back into Live Events (Networking).

7. The team spirit & team work involved in the production of Christmas products (cocktails).

8. Working out the hybrid working in advance & the daily meetings – to ensure better communication in the team and supporting each other with workloads.


We are going to continue working on our individual and collectively positive mindsets and are excited to keep bringing this energy to our client events, whatever platform we see you on 😊

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