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April 21, 2020 : News

There have been some truly inspirational acts of kindness and fun creativity coming out across the world under lockdown. Outside of the worry for the health of our loved ones and the big picture of C19, everyone is adapting to time spent at home – here’s some fun insights into our team at home.


  • Walking with Jura on North Berwick beaches
  • Getting nearly all personal life admin done…including writing a will!! 
  • Join webinars to learn more – check out this lockdown mental health article – Click HERE
  • Getting back into art…Easter egg creations part one, portrait of Jura part two!


  • Training for a hilly ultra-marathon (2021) with lots of local runs.
  • Finally watching Game of Thrones – inspiration for my Easter Egg Decoration…
  • Regular Bruce (The Dog) Zoom video calls


  • “Back to basics” – Return to old skool gaming with a spot of Nintendo DS – Star Wars Lego
  • “Waste not want not” – Ensuring that the kitchen larder contents are deployed to the full, including the consumption of two Christmas puds, whose best before end dates were April 2019
  • “Make do and mend” – Crafting three 1:72 scale Airfix models so far, including a rare ‘Dogfight Double’ set comprising a Supermarine Spitfire Mk IX and a Messerschmidt Bf 110 (the big sister of the Bf 109E-3, which is also featured in the photo…yaaaawwwn!).


  • Cooking up a storm in the kitchen
  • Living room workouts (Thanks to the Les Mills App!)
  • New found love for reading!


  • Spending lots of time with Tara in the sun.
  • Growing a Moustache.
  • Adapting a home gym. No weights for sale so using Maximillion stage weights.

What an exciting bunch…. Hmmm, we hope you are all staying safe and finding positive ways to pass the time too ?

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