Maximillion Website

January 16, 2015 : News

Making it’s way into the world wide web is the launch of our brand new Maximillion website.

The new website has been designed to be more inviting to both new and existing customers. It is modern, user-friendly and has been populated with photos and videos for our clients to see exactly what Maximillion is about.

In addition to presenting what products and services Maximillion has to offer, it introduces you to our incredible team and boasts all of the honourable awards we have won over the last 26 years.

The launch of the new site is part of an integrated marketing strategy to improve our online presence and to drive more traffic to our website.

The strategy has been developed to engage more with our valuable clients. The site invites our customers to connect with Maximillion via our social media platforms and displays live feeds giving you updates on the goings-on here at our headquarters.

Maximillion are really proud of their new website and we look forward to showing it off!

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