May Day May Day

November 12, 2008 : News


Maximillion has joined the SBC May Day network!

Maximillion has joined the May Day network, a growing collaboration of organisations that have made a series of pledges to improve the environmental performance of their respective businesses.  The network is run and managed by SBC, Scottish Business in the Community, who asks members to commit to and report on their carbon measurement and reduction, and to pledge to influence the sustainable behaviour of their suppliers and staff at home.  The May Day network, so called as a planetary distress call in response to climate change, aims to collectively tackle climate change by mobilising companies, employees, suppliers and customers.

As Maximillion already reduces and reports on carbon reduction and actively promotes environmental best practice with suppliers and staff,  joining and making the required commitments was an easy step to make. What’s not so easy is encouraging others to join the network which can easily be done on line for free. 

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