Mental Health Infographic: The Importance of Proactive Team Building

June 13, 2018 : General Team Building

Mental Health Infographic cover

At Maximillion, we specialise in effective team management and productive team building events because we believe in the benefits of our work. Due to years of experience, we were able to present you this mental health infographic. By working closely with staff all across the United Kingdom, we have learned the value of uplifting team morale. Individual employees arrive more driven to succeed at their places of employment and organisations can strive towards their goals more efficiently.

However, with the increasing demands of businesses to deliver results, employees are bearing the burden of stressful work environments. We understand that these pressures may arise from varying sources, but they drastically impact the productivity of staff. And once these issues begin to affect the mental wellbeing of employees, it will often take more than a raise in salary to motivate the disengaged workforce.

It is a good thing, many business directors and managers are beginning to take notice of the mental health of their workers.

As Maximillion continues to tackle and alleviate mental stresses of the workplace, we thought we’d encourage those looking to do the same.

In this infographic, we share official government statistics which highlight the seriousness of workforce mental health in the United Kingdom. We provide you with statistics to explain why team building may be the most sensible investment you may choose for the development of your team and business. We also share team building recommendations that will boost your work atmosphere by improving promoting the positive wellbeing of coworkers.

Looking for team building activities that can boost morale?


 Interesting Facts

From the Mental Health Infographic Above:


  • 60% of employees (60%) have experienced mental health issues in the past year because of work

By investing in team building activities managers can help employees deal with work-related stress before they become a burden. Quite often when a company shows that it supports the well being of its staff, that effort is enough to alleviate problems at work.


  • Only 13% felt able to disclose a mental health issue to their line manager.

It is important to change the stigma of mental health around the workplace. By encouraging employees to discuss problems they may be facing, managers can better address personal issues which may affect workplace productivity and team spirit.


  • Cost of a single unhappy employee per year – £16,000

By avoiding mental health issues in the workplace, companies only further worsen the problem (to their detriment). Studies show that the happier an employee is, the more driven they are to produce results. By strategically implementing team building activities to develop a positive working environment, companies get the most of out their staff. It is worth noting – Total Cost of employee disengagement to UK businesses per year – £340 billion.

Be sure to share this information so we can all contribute to a more productive work environment across the United Kingdom.

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