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March 10, 2022 : News, Product Focus, General Team Building, Team Development

Our award-winning mobile adventures product range provide a carbon neutral and flexible event solution to suit virtual, hybrid and live event itineraries. 


A lot of work has gone in behind the scenes developing the app technology and creating creative, flexible content in the form of brand new games and up-to-date revamps of old favourites! 

We know everyone will be adjusting to getting back together in the workplace, while still keeping an element of remote working. The impact on communication, morale and camaraderie cannot be ignored, so our mobile adventures products have been further developed to aid with boosting engagement and rebuilding workplace relationships.




Building on the successes of out outdoor GPS Treasure Hunts, we have great new content and new features to engage your teams:


1. Urban Adventure, Pub Adventure & Spy School – Flexible classics adaptable for any location and ideal to get you out and about this spring and summer.


2. Space Survival – GPS -An exciting new outdoor GPS game coming very soon – it’s out of this world so watch this SPACE…



1. Level-Up – Fast-paced and energetic indoor event filled with strategy and chaos.


2. The Pitch – Test out your business credentials in this intensely fun and engaging boardroom pitch.


3. Pirates Cove – A pirate-themed mobile adventures scavenger hunt will test your virtual, hybrids or live teams in an interactive search for the legendary treasures of Pirate’s Cove!


4. Murder Mysteries – Our suite of 3 whodunnits will test your team’s detective skills… Murder on the TrainManor House Murder and Murder on the Slopes.


5. Escape Challenges – Our much-loved and challenging Escape the Arctic and Art Heist are a must-do virtual challenge.


6. Around the World – A virtual trip around the globe – fun and creative trivia.


7. Jungle Survival – a jungle- themed escape and treasure hunt rolled into one. Coming very soon – grab your explorer hat, whip and amazing theme music and check this out this spring!

All our mobile adventures products range in time from 1 hr to 3 hours and we can tailor them or pair them with other activities in order to fit in with your itinerary or plans for the day.


Get in touch with the team on or 0131 333 0066 and we’ll bring some mobile adventures engagement to your team get together, where-ever that may be.

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