New Additions to our Highland Games at MadMax

April 27, 2015 : News, General Team Building

The Highland Games.  A traditional Scottish sporting event which originates from human games predating recorded history.

Going to one of these events as a spectator will probably include some Scotch whisky tasting, kilt wearing, haggis eating and Scottish country dancing.  Going to a MadMax Adventures Highland Games sees you take a step into the traditional with a smattering of the unconventional!

At MadMax Adventures, a sub-brand of the Maximillion family, we are excited to announce some new additions to our own Highland Games event to go along with our traditional Caber toss, welly wanging, (putting the stane) shot putt and haggis hurling…

Weight for Height…

In a competitive Highland Games the athletes attempt to toss a 56-pound (4-stone) weight with an attached handle over a horizontal bar using only one hand. Each athlete is allowed three attempts at each height. Successful clearance of the height allows the athlete to advance into the next round at a greater height. The competition is determined by the highest successful toss with fewest misses being used to break tie scores.  Don’t fret if a 4-stone weight sounds beyond your group’s capability; at MadMax we can scale the challenge to suit any competitor.

The MadMax Tyre Flip Relay Race…

Two tractor tyres don’t sound like much fun but when you have two teams fighting out for ultimate bragging rights they quickly become one of the highlights of our Highland Games!  The group will split into two teams and compete against each other in an unconventional relay race.  Team tactics are key as the whole team can share the work as they attempt to flip there tractor tyre (weighing in excess of 50kg) 4 lengths of the Games field or they can split down further to keep some fresh legs for the final push to victory!  This is definitely one for competitors and spectators alike.

The “Famous Scottish Soft Drink That Is Made from Girders and is Orange” challenge…

No trip to Scotland can be complete without suitable consumption of a certain well known Scottish soft drink so to build up a thirst for said beverage we have the ultimate challenge to end your Highland Games in style.  Your group will nominate the hardiest individuals to compete in a one-on-one battle of strength, mental focus and determination!  Each competitor will take hold of two 2 litre bottles, hold them at arm’s length and remain there, against the clock, and against their competitor.  First to let their arms drop is the loser and the winner gets their time placed on our Wall of Fame!

Highland Games works particularly well as a Stag or Hen activity to get the banter flowing, a group of friends to settle ultimate bragging rights or an incentive programme activity to give guests a flavour of the traditions and heritage of Scotland, Our instructors will give you expert instruction, hilarious running commentary and additional insight to the events and your surroundings. Treat your group to true Scottish hospitality by concluding a day of Highland Games with a ceilidh in the evening. It’s also a fantastic event to tie in with and celebrate Burns Day or St Andrews Day.


“Had a great time yesterday competing in the mini highland games. Excellent instructors and had a good laugh. Set up our stag do for the rest of the day…and bragging rights for ever! Cheers” – Darren Ord, 25/4/2015 MadMax Adventures

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