New MadMax Website goes live

February 26, 2015 : News


MadMax Adventures are pleased to announce that their new website is now officially live.

We’ve been supplying you with teasers for a while, but we hope you now agree that it was well worth the wait.

The new site is more approachable and user friendly, making it easier for our clients to find exactly what they want and navigate their way around the site. We believe the style of the website reflects MadMax Adventures’ brand image of being fun, exciting and above all, adventurous.

We have populated the site with engaging photos and action-packed videos so customers know exactly what to expect and what we can offer them. There are plenty of new additions to the website that the old one could not offer. These include:

Our Gift Voucher packages, which are perfect as gifts and can now be purchased online through our streamline booking system. You will be redirected to PayPal to ensure that your gift vouchers are purchased quickly and securely.

Keeping our guests in the loop with our happenings here at MadMax – so you can read all about it in our News section.

Finally links to our social media sites are prominent on the new site, which means you can stay connected with the MadMax team.






We encourage customers to get in contact using our Contact Us form. This is where you can send in your enquiries or any comments that you may have.

Start your Adventure now – check out the new website and see for yourself!


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