New Wildgoose Scotland pricing for 2015

January 16, 2015 : News, General Team Building

Outdoor Team Building

With effect from January 2015 Wildgoose Scotland are pleased to announce the introduction of their new pricing structure and event options.

We now offer part and fully managed events:

Fully Managed: This is our all-inclusive event. Lasting up to 3 hours, teams will receive a mini iPad pre-loaded with our market leading app, all the latest game features, venue sourcing assistance and liaison, prizes, staffing and full event management from start to finish.

Part Managed: These events are for the more budget conscious and last up to 2 hours. Included in the pricing is an event manager who will run the event for you on the day. Your game will have most of the features included in the Fully Managed event but you will need to supply your own handset per team and the onus is on you to take care of the pre-event organisation.

A breakdown of the price and what’s included in each option can be found here the Wildgoose Scotland website.

For more information or to chat to us about how our Wildgoose GPS Challenges can work with your next event please get in touch:


Phone: 0845 901 1426


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