New Year resolutions… or something more compelling?

December 5, 2011 : General Team Building

We’ve all done it, sat down as a team at work at the start of a new year, bouncing around ideas to get clarity on how we are going to get to tackle the challenges ahead for the team, project or business in the coming months.

Sometimes we end up with a bullet-pointed ‘resolutions’ list, that will help move things forward. Bullet points are fine and can help put down some markers for the road ahead – providing that the whole team is bought into them, and everyone has had a role in contributing to their development. But from an involvement and impact perspective they can sometimes remain well-intentioned words on a page. Words to which people sometimes only pay lip service, and which can be open to interpretation, or at worse even neglected over time.

To help define your team’s way forward and its future direction for 2012, would it not be more powerful to tap into both the critical and creative thinking strengths of the team?

This can be achieved through an engaging and enjoyable facilitated workshop that harnesses the power of cartoon metaphor in mapping out a realistic and achievable future plan.

With our Creative Visioning – Footsteps to the Future workshop, your team is taken through a robust collaborative process that engages them to creatively and practically explore the demands on the team past, present and future. However, rather than words, participant thoughts, ideas and actions are captured and articulated in metaphor by our corporate artist in a dynamic display of live, quickfire cartooning, resulting in the co-creation of a visual ‘route map’ for the team for the months / year ahead. The whole process is underpinned by professional facilitation, which builds on the lessons from the past and present to create a shared vision for the future.

What our clients have found is that the tangible cartoon outputs, which are digitised post-event, serve more than just a dynamic memento of the workshop.


They also deliver sustainable benefits long after the end of the programme, as this testimonial from a senior manager from a global petroleum business demonstrates:

“There was a degree of scepticism about the idea of using a cartoonist from management before the event. On the day, Graham delivered a very professional service that was judged a success by all – the cartoons were an excellent talking point, provoked questions for our discussions and have been used in presentations since”.

Senior management and operational teams from the following clients have all benefitted from the Creative Visioning process and its creatively practical outputs:

Is your team ready to go visual for a successful 2012?

To find out more about how we will help you and your people drive your business forwards in 2012, and for more information on other related areas of interest in organisation development, facilitated team experiences and learning & development in Edinburgh, Scotland and across the UK please contact Sandy Smith on 0131 333 0066 and Alternatively, send us an enquiry.


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