Our New Year’s Resolutions

November 24, 2015 : News


Maximillion have started the new year on a high; looking forward to a year filled with exciting events as well as business and product developments.

In an office bursting with positivity, we shared our new year’s resolutions – personal and professional.

Have a read at what each team member said!


Why is it always when you come back to work from being on holiday you say to yourself “I must not spend so long in the office!” Day one, well in fact week one, I failed on every day but this week has been much better (fewer events!). So no surprises that I have decided that my work new year resolution is to set myself more manageable deadlines to adjust the work life balance! Will let you know how I am doing in Feb!!


I don’t think I have ever made a new year’s resolution and actually stuck to it, so I am going to choose one that does not have a fixed deadline and could be done in a multitude of situations! I tend to play everything safe and organise my work and life (maybe too much!), so I would say this year I would like to push myself out of my comfort zone and do something that requires living on the edge a little…! When and how? Watch this space!


I am going to rinse and repeat one of my favourite quotes of all time:
“We will chase perfection, and we will chase it relentlessly, knowing all the while we can never attain it. But along the way, we shall catch excellence.” – Vince Lombardi
I intend to chase perfection in the hope I catch excellence along the way.


As of 8th Feb 2016, I will be a Sheep in the new Chinese year of the Red Fire Monkey. According to Master Tsai on the Chinese Fortune Calendar web resource:
“Sheep is connected to a farmland of the summer. Monkey is connected to the wind of the fall. The duty of the farmland is to grow plants and crops. The plant needs the help of wind to spread the seed. The wind of the fall can help crop to ripen. Therefore, Monkey is a good job helper to Sheep… Sheep and Monkey are good partners of the cooperation… Monkey can help Sheep to fulfill their business goal… When Sheep meets Monkey, a shy Sheep will prepare to get in the spotlight”.


With just 33 munros left to climb, I am warming up for a new challenge to preoccupy myself in the coming years. My challenge will be to climb all fifty of the principal 4000m peaks in the Alps within the next ten years. An average of five a year does not sound much but you can often go to the Alps for a week and be lucky to climb just one, given prevailing snow and weather conditions. So this years resolution is to embark upon that challenge and add five to my running tally of eight!


My resolution is to toughen up. I have 3 long distance, off road mountain biking events to complete in 2016. One of which I have tried 3 times and have yet to complete so I’m going to focus, dig deep and try as hard as I can to complete all of them to the best of my ability! It’s a pretty transferrable mind-set so I’m hoping to apply that attitude to all aspects of my working and personal life!


My other half has somehow convinced me to join him in a challenge whereby we camp in every 12 calendar months of the year. The idea came after he received the biography of Alastair Humphreys (other adventurers are available) as a Christmas present. With the adverse weather we have been experiencing lately, I do not expect that I will happily agree to February’s micro-adventure but nevertheless, I am determined to complete all 12 trips.


My resolution is to perfect my Spanish so I actually understand all of what’s going on at my wedding!

We wish the team the best of luck in succeeding their resolutions.

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