Outdoor GPS Treasure Hunts

April 29, 2021 : News, General Team Building, Product Focus

It’s time to get back to the great outdoors, and bring back in-person activities! Our app-based activities are versatile in that we can deliver these virtually, in-person or across a hybrid of the two to suit our client’s needs.

We’ve creatively designed activities to encourage teams to get together safely, provide fun and physical activities to make the most of getting outside in your chosen location, wherever that may be. Based on our treasure and scavenger hunt style GPS Adventures, we’re bringing back a range of themes that will test your general knowledge, creativity, teamwork and even see you checking out your favourite pub-stops and even taking on the role of 007 – there really is something for everybody!

We’ve also adapted some hybrid delivery styles, so whether participants are at home, in the office or out and about in their local area, they can choose the type of tasks to complete based on personal preference, location or circumstances – an excellent option to work around a range of regional or personal restrictions.

The benefits of our range of outdoor live GPS Treasure Hunts:

1. Encouraging physical activity

2. Boosting mood and outlook

3. Improving resilience

4. Encouraging participants to explore

5. Team work, Communication & Leadership

6. Increasing productivity

7. Preventing people from feeling isolated

We’ve got a wide range of themes to get you back outside together:

City Explorer An interactive journey of discovery around your chosen city.

Whisky Treasure Hunt – Explore the deep, dark history of the Scotch Whisky Trade

The UltimateNot sure on a theme? Want a wide selection of engaging and fun activities for everyone? The Ultimate Challenge provides the ideal solution.

Urban AdventureTake to the streets on a journey of discovery around the streets of your locale. Gather your team and sense of direction and discover the beating heart of your favourite town or city with our any-location Urban Adventure Challenge.

Spy School Treasure Hunt You’re deployed in the field to track down the suspects in a high-profile case but you’re missing key pieces of intelligence. Your mission? Channel your spy personas, take to the streets and work together to uncover the culprit…

How they work?

Using your smartphones and our interactive mobile adventures app, you’ll explore your chosen location whilst being guided to unlock GPS hotspots with a wide range of creative challenges and fun trivia tasks.

You will compete in small teams with a live scoreboard and “photo wall” within the app, allowing everyone to inspire and entertain each other throughout the adventure!

We make sure you feel safe throughout our activity – find out the steps we’ve taken – click here

They are fantastic stand-alone activities or as part of a wider conference programme or private party. Bespoke tailored content and branding can be included to ensure your participants engage with your key messages. They promote well-being and encourage people to work together, get out and move around and have a lot of fun.

If you are considering hosting a meeting and/or conference and would like to discuss including one of the activities listed or something similar we would be delighted to help. Please do get in touch with events@maximillion.co.uk

We look forward to seeing you all out there soon!

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