Summer GPS Adventures

April 24, 2018 : Team Development, News, General Team Building

Location, location, location!

Explore just about any location this summer with our Outdoor GPS Adventures. We have a wide range of themes and bespoke options to help you explore your chosen urban area, country house hotel or unique venue.

Our GPS Adventures are a great option for teams looking for a creative event that will get individuals working together to prioritise their time and maximise opportunities with plenty of fun and laughter along the way. Tasks and challenges focus on a broad range of skill sets, including problem solving, creativity, team work, leadership, collaboration, time management and top banter in the sunshine!

Your Venue

Whether you want an event in a world class museum, at a hotel or venue of your choice, or as part of an exhibition or conference, we have all bases covered! Armed with your tablet pre-loaded with the award-winning app, you will use Image Recognition, Augmented Reality and GPS technology to scan and unlock questions and challenges throughout your chosen location. Our maps can be adapted for literally any location. Here are examples of some excellent summer outdoor locations:


Urban Playground

We have an interactive journey of discovery experience tailored for most major cities, turning them into a playground for your team event. Using the tablet as your tour guide teams will immerse themselves in the city’s local history and culture, exploring and learning interesting facts about local food and drink, famous people, strange goings on and historical happenings – a fully interactive team-building experience getting to know the city and each other in a fun way!

Personalised Content and Branding

Tailor your own GPS Adventure! Let us know your key themes, messages and outcomes you’d like and we will convert this into an engaging challenge to deliver what you need. This could include, branding trivia about the company, messages from the senior management team or fun photo and video challenges.

Quick Facts

  • Group Size: 15+
  • Venue: Literally anywhere! UK and beyond
  • Time: 2 – 4 hours
  • Cost: £1,125+ (minimum group size of 15 applies)

Case Study

Edinburgh based public affairs business, Pagoda PR, puts sustainability and environmental credentials at the heart of its business. When looking for a team building activity to celebrate its best end of year results in the company’s history, the Glampotel site in the grounds of five star Dundas Castle was the ideal location, offering a beautiful outdoor space with a difference! Click HERE to read the full case study.

I’m convinced, what next?

Maximillion offer a wide range of GPS Adventures to suit different group sizes, objectives and budgets in Scotland, throughout the UK and beyond. Find out more on all our outdoor, indoor, venue specific or bespoke events on the GPS Adventures section of our website, make an enquiry or contact one of the team on 0345 901 1422.

Get your sunnies at the ready, grab a tablet and enjoy your own unique GPS Adventure this summer!

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