Questions for Sarah – Glasgow Commonwealth Games 2014

September 10, 2014 : General Team Building


Maximillion’s Director of Ops Sarah had the pleasure of being selected to be one of the many ‘Clydesider’ volunteer helpers at the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow – albeit based in Edinburgh at the Royal Commonwealth Pool, where the diving competition was taking place!

What made you get involved with the Commonwealth Games?

  • To have the opportunity to work on a large scale sporting event that has taken years to plan!

How was the selection / induction process?

  • Interview with some fairly thought provoking questions such as asking you about your biggest life achievement… then an orientation day, role specific training and venue specific training.

What was your role?

  • Protocol team member

How many volunteers were there in total?

  • 50811 applied and this was shortlisted down to 15000 Clydesiders.

Did you see anyone slip poolside?

  • No however there was a wobble on the 10m board whilst in hand stand position, a belly flop and someone else clipped their toes on the 3m springboard….

Did you manage to meet anyone famous?

Describe the atmosphere in 3 words:

  • Friendly, fun and energetic!

What was a highlight for you?

  • Photo with Tom Daley!

If you could compete in any Commonwealth event what would it be?

  • The atmosphere at the athletics was electric so I would love to take part in the 100m. However having never been naturally fast I think that this might be beyond me!

Will you ever wear the tracksuit again?

  • Mmm… good question – the trousers will more than likely get an outing for setting up an event, the soft shell jacket as an underlayer in winter and the hat is in the charity pile!!

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