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April 26, 2012 : General Team Building

Is the image of bleery-eyed delegates first thing in the morning or after lunch a familiar one? Do you feel that sections of your team building away day, meeting or conference lack energy and the appropriate attention from your audience?

Short, sharp, fun energisers at these points in your day work wonders at breathing life back into your group and increasing motivation and stimulation. They use very little time and space so can be delivered most venues in Edinburgh, Scotland, across the UK and even further afield!

We have a wide range of energiser activities, ranging from musical and creative to quiz based and design-led. Options include:

Bag Beat
A quirky musical energiser which will have your guests working as one group. Every participant is allocated a type of bag, be it a shopping, garden or bin bag, with which they create a contrasting bass rhythm using different wrist motions and techniques. It may sounds strange but the end result is incredible with your team feeling a real sense of achievement.

Balloon Tower
Fast, colourful and exteremly competitive! With just a bag of balloons and balloon pumps, teams must build the tallest self-standing tower in the allocated time. The competition really begins when team members pop other teams’ balloons…but of course that results in minus points! And what do points make…?
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Boomwhackers is a dynamic, energetic team building activity which requires just a tiny bit of rhythm and a lot of enthusiasm! Everyone is given a pair of brightly coloured “boomwhackers” and a rhythm to learn before the whole group comes together to create a unique beat!

Top Trumps
Replicating the classic card game, Top Trumps is great team building for a group, allowing them to get to know each other better through comical questions such as ‘who has the best party trick’ or ‘who looks most like a celebrity’. The top trump of each team steps forward to demonstrate his/her skill in a bid to win valuable points.
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Beach Ball Bingo
Beach Ball Bingo really is how it sounds! Each team or individual is given a bingo card which they complete by catching and throwing beach balls. This team building activity is fantastic at energising a group during a conference as it works perfectly with teams sitting around tables before the main plenary session starts.
Maximillion delivers energisers and longer team building activities in Edinburgh, Scotland, across the UK and beyond.

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