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February 4, 2021 : News

We have developed a diverse range of activities to engage your audience with well-being, resilience and inclusion at the heart of their planned outcomes. These sit well alongside a keynote speaker or as a stand-alone session within your virtual itinerary.

Get in touch if you’d like to discuss how we can tailor a session for you, or link any of these activities with a suitable speaker or other virtual activity.

Tidy Tips

Tidy house, tidy mind. This hour-long session will take you through each room in your house and show you some really helpful tips and tricks to keep your house in a state of constant organisation. A cathartic event suitable for absolutely everyone!  Let’s explore how a spotless home and the act of making it so can alter our state of mind. In the process perhaps we’ll feel more motivated about spending precious downtime with a soapy sponge rather than a tv remote and unlock the secrets to boost our productivity.

Indoor Plants – what’s the secret?

This workshop aims to give an education in houseplants. We’ll cover the history of houseplants, what will thrive best in which situations, learn about different light and water requirements, and more, to help guide you through how to propagate different sorts of plants. This is the perfect opportunity to gain a bit of confidence and knowledge with your indoor plants. All from the comfort of your own home.

Musical Options

There are many different musical events that can be delivered through virtual platforms.
From music lessons, singing lessons, piano bar background music, DJ sets and sing-a-longs – the list is virtually endless. If you want to entertain your colleagues with something a little bit different as a reward then why not book something with a beat!? If budget allows, you could pair this with a keynote speaker, for example Gary Barlow interview followed by a sing-a-long.

Explore a Culture

Spend an hour with a representative from a culture not-so-close to home. This 60-minute talk will include time for your guests to ask questions to gain a greater understanding of the chosen culture. Hosted by a member of the Maximillion team, a compere (example: Stephen Jardine) or a member of your organisation, this educational and inclusive event is guaranteed to enlighten. Example cultures could include; Buddhist Monks.

Flower Arranging Workshop

Hosted on Zoom and by a professional florist, take your colleagues on a journey of pure floral delight! This workshop will guide you through how to arrange, grow and source flowers to make your workspace and home even more beautiful. Bring a little bit of nature into your house as we break down and teach the techniques, tools and varieties of flowers and indoor plants needed, to design and display that perfect bouquet.

Weightlifting at Home

With gyms closed all over the UK, our family, friends and colleagues have brought the gym into their living room. Join a qualified Personal Trainer and learn how to work out, weight lift and exercise at home in the safest way possible whilst still making those all-important ‘gainz’. This session will be open to your colleagues of all abilities and will cater for those who are just beginning their health journey and for those who have been on their journey for many years.

Sushi Workshop

Welcome to the wonderful world of Sushi; low fat, healthy and best of all, TASTY! During this hands-on superfood workshop your colleagues will be shown how to make a number of different varieties of Sushi. FuMaki, UraMaki, Temaki and Nigirizushi will all be demonstrated before the reigns are handed over to the guests as they compete to make the best sushi. After this event has finished your colleagues will be saying Sayonara to supermarket sushi.

Virtual Tour of a Landmark

Take your colleagues or team on a behind the scenes tour of a famous landmark. Choose from a long list of options including Castles, Hotels, Palaces, Shops and Museums. Nominate a team of colleagues to become the presenters of the session as they travel to the landmark, meet the tour guide and be the voice of all those watching from home. This event would be live streamed using a mobile studio set up and guests would watch through a virtual platform such as Zoom.

Bollywood Dancing

Bollywood dance is a wonderful blend of all Indian dance styles including classical Indian, folk Indian and often now R&B and hip hop fusion. It is unique, vibrant, exciting and a fabulous way to improve your musicality and fitness. Led by a dance instructor, your colleagues will have the chance to let their hair down and take part in something completely different. We would recommend clearing a large space in your living room and getting your whole family involved. Bollywood dancing brings high energy to your virtual event and would be perfect to do alongside Diwali or Holi.

If you are considering hosting a meeting and/or conference and would like to discuss including one of the activities listed or something similar we would be delighted to help. Please do get in touch with

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