Spy catchers in the making?

August 28, 2012 : General Team Building

With the recent release of the Bourne Legacy, excitement mounting about Skyfall and the Queen’s star turn with James Bond at the Olympics opening ceremony, now is as an excellent time to organise a spy-themed team building activity.

Set in any city in the UK or overseas, participants become secret agents for the day and enjoy all the subterfuge which accompanies the secretive, shady and yet glamorous world of espionage. As well as being a hugely fun and entertaining way to bond, thank and reward your team, spy based events are great for:

  • Developing planning and time management skills
  • Promoting delegation and consensus
  • Encouraging creativity, imagination and ingenuity
  • Exploring a town or city in an interesting way

We have two fantastic options you can choose from:

Our original and ever-popular spy themed team building activity. Participants are organised into “spy cells” and issued with everything they need to fulfil their mission. Keeping their wits about them, agents negotiate a variety of checkpoints, meet undercover contacts, complete tasks and solve clues. With only the crème de la crème accepted into ‘spy school’, the heat is on! This activity tests a variety of skills such as:

  • Observation
  • Blending in
  • Logic ability
  • General knowledge

Spy Catcher Treasure Hunt
This fast-paced, innovative event reflects our evolving, technology-based world. Issued with GPS Samsung Galaxy Tablets, agents navigate their way to hotspots where they will be tested on their spy credentials such as surveillance skills, deciphering secret codes and their ability to deal with pressure by completing time-based challenges. Team members must also work well together to find secret locations and take covert photographs, all with the ultimate goal of identifying the “Mole”.

Maximillion has run spy-themed team building games in many cities through Scotland, the UK and overseas including: London, LeedsEdinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen, Barcelona, Malta, Malaga and Dublin.

Click here for more team building ideas, make an enquiry or contact one of the team on 0845 901 1422.

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