Staff interview – Twitter style

July 21, 2011 : General Team Building

Staff interview – Twitter style

21 Jul 2011by Shoena Payne

Many clients, venues and suppliers have commented that they enjoy reading our staff updates and finding out more about us. With this in mind, this month we’re starting a series of Twitter style interviews where staff members pose questions to one another with answers restricted to 140 characters.

To kick off, Director of Sales, Shoena Payne, enters the mind of Project Manager, Nick Aitken.

Best event you’ve worked on?
A week long conference in Barcelona for obvious reasons, but all the staff, clients and activities were fantastic as well as the location!

Best event you’ve attended?
Professionally: The Edinburgh Fireworks is just so well done. Socially: I had the best time ever at Rockness this year!

Worst  thing that’s happened on an event?
Driving from London to Edinburgh, some idiot switched the petrol and diesel pumps at the garage when I wasn’t looking…..

Favourite event venue?
A central London venue with easy loading access, good parking for vans and great rates. Alas, I’ve only seen it in my sleep.

Describe your dream event
A dream event is when your pre-organisation is so strong that on the day is a breeze. So all my events!

Historical event you would like to have attended?
I would love to have been there for Heart of Midlothian’s record breaking winning season in 1958.

Before working in events you….
Studied Neuroscience at The University of Glasgow.

If you didn’t work in events you would….
I’d like to think I’d be a musician or radio presenter, but more likely I’d be in scientific research.

When you’re not working on events you…..
Put on gigs. Go to gigs. Play the guitar, tennis, golf and touch rugby. All in between as much nonsense as is physically possible.

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